Best Enterprise Software Trends to Look Out For

It can be hard to keep up with the fast-paced world of computer technology. Enterprise software can be especially difficult to keep tabs on, as it affects the day-to-day workings of an organization rather than an individual. While you are likely experiencing the changes and trends associated with enterprise software every day, whether at the office, at the grocery store or getting ready to board your next flight, you probably don’t give much thought to what’s going on behind the scenes. Here are some interesting trends to look out for in the world of enterprising software.

Advances in Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that relies primarily on pattern recognition and the analysis of algorithms to make predictions on data. This type of artificial intelligence allows computers to learn something without actually being programmed. Companies are now tapping into the powers and efficiency of machine learning to combat fraud. In recent years it seemed like one large company a month was getting hacked, exposing millions of customers’ personal information to thieves and hackers. Issues at insurance companies, banks and big box stores had many consumers scared that their personal security had been compromised.

This year, information technology turns towards machine learning to combat programmers who attempt to access protected information from the outside. Pattern recognitions software allows computers to send up red flags when something goes amiss. From here, computers can use the data gathered to make predictions regarding the hacker’s next move, and preemptively block the illegal access to files. Machine learning will be a sophisticated but soon widespread weapon to combat information leaks, fraud and identity theft.

The Need for Speed

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies can expound upon the importance of big data all day. The medical community has a great need for storing data so large and complex that the development of new software was required to accommodate it. Especially with genome wide associations studies (GWAS) on the rise to improve personalized medicine, software developers have needed to get creative in terms of drawing up programs in which to store this onslaught of information. Now companies are finding that space isn’t the only issue. Speed and ease of access is also important, not least of all for the medical community who needs to be able to access these data to work on approaches to cures.

On what is perhaps the far other end of the spectrum, entertainment giants like Netflix, Amazon, Google and HBO are running into issues regarding streaming. With the advent of television and movie streaming accessibility, the aforementioned websites as well as the Internet service purveyors require massive amounts of data to move over a very short amount of time. Stalled and buffering videos do not make happy customers, and the scramble is on to find solutions to ensure that big data also fast data. One of the alternatives that has cropped up recently is Spark streaming, which isn’t actually streaming at all, but rather a way by which to move small batched of data at almost realtime speed, making it nearly indistinguishable from streaming.

Changes in the Cloud

Cloud hybridization prevents companies from putting all of their eggs in one basket. By using a mix of on-premises and third party clouds, workloads can be moved between the clouds for greater flexibility. A solid orchestration is required between the internal and external systems for this method to function ideally. Many companies use this method to keep the majority of data backed up to a third party cloud, such as the business options offered by Google or Amazon, and use their on campus cloud for more secure or sensitive data. Companies can use a purchasable software layer to facilitate the connections between the two clouds.

Custom Clouds

Privately held U.S. software companies like Infor, lead by CEO Charles Phillips, employs product specialists in 194 countries to support their enterprise software systems. They run a cloud platform called CloudSuite, maintaining that no two clouds should be exactly alike, but rather specifically tailored to the individual industry. Tailor made clouds can help industries create a global footprint by facilitating the acquisition of new companies. Custom built cloud services require a good road map from the company to get started. A business focused cloud strategy to take your company from their current position to their end goal is vital. And since there is no patently right or wrong way, it’s up to your team to work with an information technologies consultant to see how best to arrive at your goal.
Enterprise software trends are centered around speed and efficiency. You can expect to see more innovation in making big data more easily accessible and the access of information more expeditious. With recent advances in machine learning, biotech software and reorganization in the cloud, an emphasis on customization can be expected throughout enterprise software. Businesses are looking to approach information safety and security from new angles, utilizing machine learning and modernization in cloud management, hopefully making information breaches a thing of the past. 

Assign Useful Functions To The Unused Keys Of Your Keyboard

Have you ever noticed that the there are many unused keys on your keyboard. The two shift, alter and control keys are not usable because we are in a habit of using anyone. Also mostly, people use either the numeric keypad or the number keys but not both. Though the extra keys available have been decreased in the laptops but not fully removed. Also, we might face a problem every time we change the keypad, the few keys like Home, Delete, Function are at different locations. And we take time to adapt to it. So, the option option is to assign the functionality of keys as per your own convenience. And KeyTweak is a freeware which can be used for the same.

KeyTweak is a very small freeware of 280 KB only. It has been designed to remap your keyboard as per your requirement or convenience. The snapshot below displays the user interface through which you can make the changes. It will help you in remapping without any change in registry.


The UI will display you the keyboard which has all the keys assigned with a particular number rather than the alphanumeric keys. Also in some keyboards there are extended keys for music players and other options, there are keys on the right hand side named as special buttons to represent those.

Reconfigure or Disable Keys

To make the changes, select the key you want to reconfigure. The selected key and its function will be displayed below as shown in the snapshot. Then you can choose the remapping function from the drop down menu. Click on Remap Key option for final reconfiguration. There is also the option to disable key which can be used anytime or like if some keys are not working properly. You can remap more than  one key at a time.


Select the key and the the function to be assigned. Similarly do for other keys. All the Pending Changes will be displayed in the right hand bottom corner. So that you can make the selection of final required changes. You can clear anyone if not required. And then click on Apply to make the final changes. And you can enjoy the new keyboard. The functions can be further changed whenever required.

Restore Default

You can also restore the settings if you like. It can be done in two ways. For any particular key, select the key and click on Restore Default at the bottom. Otherwise you can click on restore all defaults at the top to have the original functions of your keyboard.

Other Similar Products

  1. Key Transformation: The freeware can be used to reconfigure the keyboard. It will display all the keys in the tabular format. Select the key name to be changed on the left side and the new function on the right side. The freeware has one more function that you can add the self key. It is very beneficial if the user have to frequently assign the input method of any special language.
  2. AutoHotKey: This tool can perform varied functions as compared to other two freewares. It can be used to remap your keyboard, mouse and joystick. Along with that there are other options like reconfigure to assign a macro, hotkey, abbreviation extension and any more.


If you need a small freeware with a very handy UI which can reconfigure the functions of the keys, then KeyTweak will be the best options for you. But if there if there a requirement of special language then you should go for key transformation. AutoHotKey is a wonderful tool but a bit bulky as compared to others. For only reconfiguration, the function will be well performed by other two as well.

11 Smart Usage Tips For Mac OS Mountain Lion

Mac os x Mountain Lion is no doubt one of the most addictive operating system till now released from apple, one of major things I have been noticing these days is the poor battery life which has been now degraded in my macbook after Mac Os X Lion upgrade.

But still some great features which has now made my macbook connected to my iphone and ipad are something which I like as a user, now with cloud sync across these machines I can create reminders from any where which will eventually show up every where, similarly i can access all my notes, emails, calendar and contacts.

When it comes to users there are many features to talk about, there are around 200 new features which has been added in Mac Os x Mountain Lion but today we will talk about some smart hacks which will make you experience with mac os x more meaning full.

Turn Off Mac OS Notifications Sound 

One of he most annoying thing which we noticed in new mountain lion was the new notifications sound which keeps sounding every now and then while using mac os, for new new notifications like new email, calendar events and reminders during the day time, as I have my iphone where I see all these notifications so it was really annoying for me to listen notifications sounds again and again.

So, I decided to turn off notification sound, for this you will need go to system preferences >> notifications and then uncheck  the option which says Play notification sound when receiving notifications. 

Change The Notification Background Wallpaper

Yes, you can change the background wallpaper or texture which appears in mac os mountain lion, you can get rid of the familiar dark great linen background. For this you can follow the Cult Of Mac guide on changing the background in notifications or simply watch the video below for the same.


Turn Off Notifications Banners and Alerts in Mountain Lion 

Yes, you can simply get rid of alerts and banner in mac os mountain lion when you are getting annoyed while you are working on some very important task or presentation or some other work on which you want to focus, for this you will need to click several times on the top of he notifications center [ make sure you dont click on the mac os top status bar ]. After several clicks you see the option to turn off alerts and banners as shown in the image below.

Power Trackpad on Macbook Pro or Air To Enjoy Mac Os Mountain Lion

Yes, you can do a lot more with trackpad on your macbook, like you can toggle in between running apps in full screen mode, you can easy check notification center and show desktop and do lot more, out of all these some of the features will be automatically enabled by default while other options you need to configure on your own.

Set Keyboard Shortcuts To Open and Close Notification Center 

Yes, notifications is one cool feature which is worth noticing but in order to access it, you need to swipe left from right side of trackpad with two fingers but you can set a keyboard shortcut which will open notification center. For this you will need to go to system preferences >> keyboard and then check the option under mission control and then click to set the keyboard key as shown in the image below.

Double Click fn Button To Launch Dictation or Speech to Text 

Yes, now you can use the mic in mac os to convert speech to text, by just saying to add a reminder or you can use your voice to type email. In case your keyboard does not have Fn key then you can also change it under System Preferences >> Dictation and Speech – shortcut dropdown.

Install Unsigned Apps To Run and Install Which You Download On Mac Os Mountain Lion Other Than App Store

Yes, if you download and run any app install in mac os mountain lion, you may see the following error message saying – ” app name” is not from mac app store. Are you sure you want to run this, so in this case you will need to click open button once you see this type of warning.

Or if you want to avoid this screen then right click or control click an app you have downloaded and then choose open in right click context menu to run it or install it without any warning, but we recommend that you should do it for the apps you have downloaded from authoritative sources.

Force Install or Extract Apps Package Which You Cant Install in Mac Os Mountain Lion

For some apps you may not be able to install them in mac os mountain lion and in this case when you double click a *.mpkg package you may see the following error in such cases you may see the following error message.

In  such case you will need to right click on the *.mpkg file and select Show Package Contents and locate the .pkg file and then press control key and then click to launch it and then you will see the open button to forcefully run or install it.

Open Root Directory or any Other Folder In Finder in Mountain Lion  

If you have noticed in mac os mountain lion you cant go to the root folder, as it looks like the os itself keeps the users away from the root directory and other folders. So there is no direct way you could access mac os folder. In order to access root folder or any other folder you need to press Command + Shift + G and then type / in textbox and press enter to access the folder.

Removing Apps From Dock In Mac Os Mountain Lion

Yes, its like before when you just drag and drop an app from dock to desktop to remove it. However this option still works but you will need to drag and drop the app far off from the dock to actually remove it or else you can right click on the app and then select the option which says remove from dock.

Set Keyboard Shortcut For Launchpad

For this you will need to go to system preferences >> keyboard and then check the option under Launchpad and dock and then click to set the keyboard key as shown in the image below.


We hope you like these tips above, if you have any other new tip to share please leave a comment at the end of this post below.


Access Google Drive On PC Not Connected To Internet

Google has recently announced google drive which is a new service by google, which allows you to access, view edit files from anywhere and almost any device you can think of. In short Google Drive lets you store and access your files anywhere — on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go.

How Does Google Drive Works?

  1. Go to Google Drive on the web at
  2. Install Google Drive on your computer or mobile device.
  3. Throw your files in Google Drive. It’s right there on your device.

Now your files go everywhere you do. Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed Google Drive. Share, collaborate, or work alone: your files, your choice.

Store the first 5 GB of your stuff for free.

When your Google Drive grows, get another 25 GB of space (or more!) starting at $2.49 per month.

Access everything in your Google Drive from all your devices.

Your files are always waiting for you at, but you can also get them straight from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Install Google Drive on multiple devices and Google Drive makes sure they’re all the same.

How To Access Google Drive Files Offline Without Internet?

To set up offline access to Google Drive, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet and adjust a few settings in your Google Chrome browser:

  1. Install Google Chrome if you haven’t already.
  2. Launch a new Chrome browser window and go to
  3. Click the gear drop-down and select Set up Docs offline from the menu.
  4. In the “Set up offline viewing of Google Docs” dialog that appears, click Allow offline docs.
  5. Click Install from Chrome web store next to the dialog box.
  6. From the Chrome web store, click Install.
  7. Click the Google Docs icon to go back to your Google Drive.

Repeat steps for every computer where you’ll need offline access to Google Drive.

Please Note: Protect your Google Drive by enabling offline access only on personal computers or computers where you have a password protected account. Enabling offline access on public or shared computers can put your data at risk, since others may be able to view your synced Google documents and spreadsheets.

Access, Edit or Can Edit Files In Offline Google Drive Mode

Google documents and spreadsheets: Can view, can’t edit

While you can’t edit Google documents and spreadsheets offline, you can view them without an Internet connection. Just point your Chrome browser to New Window and select Google document or spreadsheet to view. View access isn’t available for Google presentations, forms, or drawings.

Non-Google Docs files that you’ve stored in Google Drive: Can view and edit.

You can both view and edit files such as PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and images, from your Google Drive folder even when you’re disconnected from the Internet. Any changes you’ve made to synced files while offline will sync to all devices with a time stamp when you reconnect to the Internet.

Download Wikipedia on PC

Now a days we tend to look to the internet for almost everything in our day to day life, even for very minute things. For many of us being connected to internet for 24 hours has become very important part of life just because of this. But being connected to the internet also can be sometimes annoying if its too slow and in case if it is not working then what will you do?. I have got a solution to your problem and it is BzReader, this software will let you browse Wikipedia offline and that too free, that means you can download wikipedia on pc . You will only have to download this tool and the Wikipedia dumps and the link for both of them will be specified later in the article.

download wikipedia on pc

This is the window that will open up once you will download the BzReader and install it launch it. The window has a toolbar which has only three options File, Options and Help. File Submenu has three options Open, Close and Exit. Using Open option in the File menu you will select the downloaded dump and click on open. You can open multiple dumps at any given point of time. Using the close option any of the opened dumps can be closed one by one. The third option which is exit will close the tool. The top left hand corner has a search box to search any text in the the various opened pages.  Options Menu has only one option which is the flow of the text from Right to Left which can either be checked or unchecked as per the requirement.

The software is  very handy as it provides you the offline access to Wikipedia if you are a frequent Wikipedia reader. The dumps that are downloaded for this tool are compressed up to 10 times to consume less space as compared to the uncompressed dumps.  Navigation is also possible between various article links in the dumps as it happens on the internet. Sometimes dumps could be really big and could take a lot of time to download them depending upon the computer you  are using. Indexing of dumps into other languages  like Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. are also available but that feature is really slow right now. For instance it takes 1.5 hours to index a 2.7 MB dump in Japanese on Core 2 Duo.

Download BzReader.