Assign Useful Functions To The Unused Keys Of Your Keyboard

Have you ever noticed that the there are many unused keys on your keyboard. The two shift, alter and control keys are not usable because we are in a habit of using anyone. Also mostly, people use either the numeric keypad or the number keys but not both. Though the extra keys available have been decreased in the laptops but not fully removed. Also, we might face a problem every time we change the keypad, the few keys like Home, Delete, Function are at different locations. And we take time to adapt to it. So, the option option is to assign the functionality of keys as per your own convenience. And KeyTweak is a freeware which can be used for the same.

KeyTweak is a very small freeware of 280 KB only. It has been designed to remap your keyboard as per your requirement or convenience. The snapshot below displays the user interface through which you can make the changes. It will help you in remapping without any change in registry.


The UI will display you the keyboard which has all the keys assigned with a particular number rather than the alphanumeric keys. Also in some keyboards there are extended keys for music players and other options, there are keys on the right hand side named as special buttons to represent those.

Reconfigure or Disable Keys

To make the changes, select the key you want to reconfigure. The selected key and its function will be displayed below as shown in the snapshot. Then you can choose the remapping function from the drop down menu. Click on Remap Key option for final reconfiguration. There is also the option to disable key which can be used anytime or like if some keys are not working properly. You can remap more thanĀ  one key at a time.


Select the key and the the function to be assigned. Similarly do for other keys. All the Pending Changes will be displayed in the right hand bottom corner. So that you can make the selection of final required changes. You can clear anyone if not required. And then click on Apply to make the final changes. And you can enjoy the new keyboard. The functions can be further changed whenever required.

Restore Default

You can also restore the settings if you like. It can be done in two ways. For any particular key, select the key and click on Restore Default at the bottom. Otherwise you can click on restore all defaults at the top to have the original functions of your keyboard.

Other Similar Products

  1. Key Transformation: The freeware can be used to reconfigure the keyboard. It will display all the keys in the tabular format. Select the key name to be changed on the left side and the new function on the right side. The freeware has one more function that you can add the self key. It is very beneficial if the user have to frequently assign the input method of any special language.
  2. AutoHotKey: This tool can perform varied functions as compared to other two freewares. It can be used to remap your keyboard, mouse and joystick. Along with that there are other options like reconfigure to assign a macro, hotkey, abbreviation extension and any more.


If you need a small freeware with a very handy UI which can reconfigure the functions of the keys, then KeyTweak will be the best options for you. But if there if there a requirement of special language then you should go for key transformation. AutoHotKey is a wonderful tool but a bit bulky as compared to others. For only reconfiguration, the function will be well performed by other two as well.

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