Windows 8 Metro UI Serves as Windows Explorer

Techno freaks keep on trying the new tools for their systems. And the ones which makes your work easier are liked by all. Here, I want to ask you: Are you bored of your Windows Explorer? Do you think why is it not changed when every application have some updates from time to time? So, I think you should try a better alternative with an amazing UI. The files you need should be available in a more presentable format. You can go through the availabilities below to enjoy these features and many more.

Immersive Explorer in a small freeware of 505 KB only. It is a portable tool and an alternative to windows explorer. It is based of the metro features guidelines. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


New Features as compared to Windows Explorer:

The file explorer have the ribbon option at the bottom with a wide variety of options. It displays all the files and folders in an informative blocks format rather than useless icons. For example the folder containing the pictures will display small pictures in place of icon. Apart from that you don’t have to open the pictures in a new window just to view them. Here pictures are displayed in Immersive Explorer itself. Similar options will be available for videos and other types of files.

The snapshot below shows an example of the utility: You can select any file and make the required changes from the options available in the ribbon below. There are also the forward, backward, paly and pause buttons. The pictures displayed in the immersive explorer presents the complete information along with it.


Configurations Required:

  • Window 7 or Windows 8.
  • The processor should be Core 2 Duo or better. Though it may be available for other versions as well in future.
  • The minimum ram size should be 1 GB.
  • .Net framework must be installed to run the utility.

Disadvantages of Immersive Explorer:

  • There is only one display format available and you cant change it.
  • The writing or editing features are not available.
  • There were many bugs and you might have to update it frequently. But the version available now is better.
  • Few options like branch view, file finder etc are not available.

Other Similar Tools:

  1. XYplorer: It is an another portable option to replace the windows explorer. It is a customizable UI with a wonderful file search option. The dual optional pane makes it more handy to use. The options like duplicate file finder, branch view, filters, batch rename makes it more useful. There are various other useful options presented by the utility.
  2. Xplorer2: This is also a customizable file explorer. It will always display the dual pane. The options life file management, search options and others are available but in the limited format.
  3. FreeCommander: The utility needs installation. But you can copy the installation file on CD or pen drive to use it in other systems. The dual pane presentation is better than other tools. Some unique features are file spitting, folder comparison and synchronisation and modify file attributes.


All these freewares are wonderful in their own way. Now while selecting you just have to take care of your requirements. If you want a latest presentation model with most of the details in the single and simple format, then Immerse Explorer is the tool designed for you. But if the file management is main aim as compared to explorer then you should go for XYplorer. Though Xplorer2 is also a good option and FreeCommander have some specific good features. Be careful while choosing. And don’t end with a very highly customizable tool as it will create more confusion with use.

Retrieve The Text You Copied Days Ago On Windows

You might have thought that handle the copied data is a bit tedious task. Either you have to use it just after copying or you have to manage it through a separate document. Now, if you are available with a software which will not only store the data for future use but will also provides the options of editing, managing etc. your job will be really very simple and easy. So, you will get to know about various tools and their benefits for saving data through clipboards.

M8 Free Clipboard is a freeware of 4.79 MB. The freeware is designed to save upto 25 clips. As shown in the snapshot below, the data you cut or copy will be available on the left hand side column. Whenever you take the mouse over any of the clip, data will be displayed in a dialog box alongwith it. The picture will be displayed for a graphic clip. The text will be displayed for the copied text. The link to for document for copied document and link for URLs copied.


The tool provides many other options. Like if you save 26th clip, the first clip will be automatically deleted. So,  there is the option to save the clip if it is further required.

Edit The Clip

You can edit the text, images or any other clip you have copied. There is photo editor available with the freeware as shown in the snapshot below. Right click on the clip to be edited and select Edit. The clip will appear in the editor and you can easily make the required changes.


Similarly there is the text editor option also as shown in the snapshot below. There are a lot of options available in both the editors.


Copy The Clip

To paste the clip take the cursor where you have to copy the clip. Open M8 and click on the clip and it will be copied. You can also use drag and drop option. Here left mouse button will move the clip i.e. cut and paste whereas right mouse button will copy the copy as simply done.

While using you will find that the tool provides a large number of options to make it available as per your convenience. The right click menu will show the options for the clip. And, also there are for user interface. Some of them are View which selects where the interface is to be placed on screen, displays methods and many more. Few general options are displayed in the snapshot below, and there are many others.


Other Similar Tools:

  1. Clipboard Magic: It can copy text, graphics and other data. The freeware is designed to assign a different label to every clip. You can color code or highlight them. The number of clips that you can save are unlimited. You can use mouse as well as hotkeys for cut, copy and paste. Clip editing, sorting and manual management is allowed.
  2. Clipmate Clipboard Extender: Again it can copy text, images, files and folders also. You can save any number of clips. The unique features are it can be used as a tool to take the snapshots also. And it can be password protected.
  3. Clipboard Master: This freeware is also similar to above tools. It is designed to for all types of clips like text, graphics and others.


Though all the freewares are almost similar. The only difference is the way they work. M8 Clipboard have a limitation of the number of clips. Otherwise the features are very good. The unique features are mentioned above to select a particular tool. Now you can easily manage the copied data in your own way.

Assign Useful Functions To The Unused Keys Of Your Keyboard

Have you ever noticed that the there are many unused keys on your keyboard. The two shift, alter and control keys are not usable because we are in a habit of using anyone. Also mostly, people use either the numeric keypad or the number keys but not both. Though the extra keys available have been decreased in the laptops but not fully removed. Also, we might face a problem every time we change the keypad, the few keys like Home, Delete, Function are at different locations. And we take time to adapt to it. So, the option option is to assign the functionality of keys as per your own convenience. And KeyTweak is a freeware which can be used for the same.

KeyTweak is a very small freeware of 280 KB only. It has been designed to remap your keyboard as per your requirement or convenience. The snapshot below displays the user interface through which you can make the changes. It will help you in remapping without any change in registry.


The UI will display you the keyboard which has all the keys assigned with a particular number rather than the alphanumeric keys. Also in some keyboards there are extended keys for music players and other options, there are keys on the right hand side named as special buttons to represent those.

Reconfigure or Disable Keys

To make the changes, select the key you want to reconfigure. The selected key and its function will be displayed below as shown in the snapshot. Then you can choose the remapping function from the drop down menu. Click on Remap Key option for final reconfiguration. There is also the option to disable key which can be used anytime or like if some keys are not working properly. You can remap more than  one key at a time.


Select the key and the the function to be assigned. Similarly do for other keys. All the Pending Changes will be displayed in the right hand bottom corner. So that you can make the selection of final required changes. You can clear anyone if not required. And then click on Apply to make the final changes. And you can enjoy the new keyboard. The functions can be further changed whenever required.

Restore Default

You can also restore the settings if you like. It can be done in two ways. For any particular key, select the key and click on Restore Default at the bottom. Otherwise you can click on restore all defaults at the top to have the original functions of your keyboard.

Other Similar Products

  1. Key Transformation: The freeware can be used to reconfigure the keyboard. It will display all the keys in the tabular format. Select the key name to be changed on the left side and the new function on the right side. The freeware has one more function that you can add the self key. It is very beneficial if the user have to frequently assign the input method of any special language.
  2. AutoHotKey: This tool can perform varied functions as compared to other two freewares. It can be used to remap your keyboard, mouse and joystick. Along with that there are other options like reconfigure to assign a macro, hotkey, abbreviation extension and any more.


If you need a small freeware with a very handy UI which can reconfigure the functions of the keys, then KeyTweak will be the best options for you. But if there if there a requirement of special language then you should go for key transformation. AutoHotKey is a wonderful tool but a bit bulky as compared to others. For only reconfiguration, the function will be well performed by other two as well.

Add Multiple Desktop Screens In Windows With Single Monitor

Many of the users find it difficult to manage between multiple applications if they are opened at the same time. This is because clutter of applications being used on the taskbar creates confusion. And you have to unnecessarily close the them. Sometimes this results in wastage of lot of time to close all of them and reopen them. So, the best option is to make use of virtual desktops. I have mentioned the useful freewares for this purpose. One of the handy freeware to solve your problem is Moo0 Multi Desktop.

Moo0 Multi Desktop is a small freeware of 3.21 MB. It is designed for Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7. It is a user friendly tool designed to solve your problem in a single click.The freeware will be present on your system tray as soon as you install it. It will provide you with three additional virtual desktops. Also, a bar will be displayed on your desktop as shown in the snapshot below to switch between the different desktops.


The various options available are as:

Switch between different desktops

You can switch between different desktops using the slider bar. Also the hotkeys can be used used:

Ctrl + Left/Right arrow keys

Ctrl + 1-4

You can change the hotkeys and replace Ctrl with Alt or Winkey

Show or Hide Desktop

The hotkey for this purpose is Ctrl + Up/ Down arrow keys

Change Wallpapers of Virtual Desktop

You can have different wallpapers for different desktops. The wallpapers for the original desktop can be changed as you do normally. Whereas for virtual desktop the freeware will provide you the option. The snapshot below displays all the available options. You just click on the wallpaper you want to change and browse the picture.


Desktop Bar

You can display or hide the desktop bar. Even the transparency level of the bar can be set. In case, you don’t want that your friends know about the project you are working on, you can hide the bar and switch between the desktops using hotkeys.

Other Options

The colour of the bar can be be changed. And you can choose where and how it should be displayed. All these options can be used by right click on the system tray icon.

Other Similar Freewares Available For Virtual Desktops:

  1. Deskspace: The tool not only provides multiple desktops  but also some interactive desktop features. Like you visualize your desktop in interesting 3D formats. Also, switching between the virtual desktop is like playing games. Just drag the windows and even hotkeys will work.
  2. Dexpot: The tool provides multiple options alongwith virtual desktops like full screen view of multiple desktops, different desktop previews, integrated catalogs and wallpaper options. You can find many other customizing options for your desktop.
  3. goScreen: The developer introduces the tool as switching between the desktops is like simply working with some papers. The different desktops will be displayed as pages and you select one you want to read. It also provides the 3D format.
  4. Virtual Desktop Assist: The tool is almost similar to Moo0 MultiDesktop. You can easily add multiple desktops and switch between them using the hotkeys. The different desktops can be used in different designs.


If you need a simple and light software only to switch between the desktops, you must go with Moo0 Multi Desktop or Virtual Desktop Assist. For enabling other interactive options alongwith virtual desktops, you can use Deskspace, Dexpot and goScreen. But these tools are bit heavier as compared to other two.

10 Smart usage Tips Email Account [Applies To Hotmail Account As Well]

Recently, Microsoft has replaced Hotmail by a new platform Hotmail has lost many of its users with the gaining popularity of Gmail. And now is challenging Gmail and had come up with a versatile user interface, enormous number of options and a solution to many problems which we have to deal on the daily basis. Here are 10 tips on using

#1 Access to your Outlook account

New users can simply sign up on whereas hotmail users have to simply upgrade their account. For hotmail users, they have to sign in and upgrade their account from the hotmail menu options. All your id, password and the data stored on your email will be saved in the similar fashion as it was. Only the user interface will be new and better. The mails sent or received will be from the same address. Also, if you are existing user on skydrive and xbox live, you can use the same address.


Outlook has a better interface as it will not display advertisements based on the content of your emails. That is your mails are secured and the content is not sold to any advertising agency. Only the advertising may be there based on the subject line on the inbox page. But the content is secured.

#2 Import Contacts

As soon as log into your outlook account your account, you will receive a new mail. It will provide the options to use the large number of options available. And if you are a new user you don’t need to worry about your contact list. It will not only help you to import addresses from other email addresses like Gmail but also from Facebook and Linkedin.

#3 Social Media

This is happening for the first time that you connect your social media webpages with your email id to access all the contents on your webpages. You can connect to Facebook for Status Updates, new messages etc. Also, you can see the tweets, linkedin and google+ updates via emails. And now if your are not able to access your facebook or twitter, you can get the updates.

#4 Photo Sharing

This is a wonderful option for the users who frequently share photographs via email. Generally, we have to download the images or view them online separately. But here is the option of slideshow. displays the slideshow of the images through Microsoft Silverlight. And if it is not installed in your system, you can easily install it. You have to install it once and is available free of cost.


#5 Video Call

Similar to Gmail, it also provides the option of video call. And as per the plans, it might integrate with Skype as well. Then you can enjoy the video chat in an easier way through your email id only.

#6 Files , Documents And Folders Management

For documents sharing and management, Outlook has provided Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. The editing in the attachments can be done within the inbox and you don’t have to open them separately. For email management also, there is automatic sorting of the emails. The bulk messages from different contacts, updates and other specifications are put in different folders. Also, you can customize the categories and their rules based on which sorting is done.

#7 Mails and Storage Capacity

One of the major problems faced with Gmail account is that you attach files upto 25 MB only. Whereas in the case of the large files upto 300 MB can be attached. Apart from this, your account storage capacity has also been increased to 7 GB complimentary Skydrive free storage.

#8 Use Multiple Address from the same account seems good but the problem of another email account will also arise. So, this problem has also been undertaken. You can use different inboxes and other functions from the same account. For example, to send the email from your gmail account you have to just select it from the drop down menu.

#9 Windows 8 Integration

There are plans for the integration with the new coming Windows 8. The account setup will be available for all Windows 8 PC, Smartphones and tablets.

#10 also available on Smartphones

Now is also available for your smartphones. You can download it on your Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and others.

The users are expecting still more customization options. We will keep updating you about the new useful options whenever the company upgrades.