Download Wikipedia on PC

Now a days we tend to look to the internet for almost everything in our day to day life, even for very minute things. For many of us being connected to internet for 24 hours has become very important part of life just because of this. But being connected to the internet also can be sometimes annoying if its too slow and in case if it is not working then what will you do?. I have got a solution to your problem and it is BzReader, this software will let you browse Wikipedia offline and that too free, that means you can download wikipedia on pc . You will only have to download this tool and the Wikipedia dumps and the link for both of them will be specified later in the article.

download wikipedia on pc

This is the window that will open up once you will download the BzReader and install it launch it. The window has a toolbar which has only three options File, Options and Help. File Submenu has three options Open, Close and Exit. Using Open option in the File menu you will select the downloaded dump and click on open. You can open multiple dumps at any given point of time. Using the close option any of the opened dumps can be closed one by one. The third option which is exit will close the tool. The top left hand corner has a search box to search any text in the the various opened pages.  Options Menu has only one option which is the flow of the text from Right to Left which can either be checked or unchecked as per the requirement.

The software is  very handy as it provides you the offline access to Wikipedia if you are a frequent Wikipedia reader. The dumps that are downloaded for this tool are compressed up to 10 times to consume less space as compared to the uncompressed dumps.  Navigation is also possible between various article links in the dumps as it happens on the internet. Sometimes dumps could be really big and could take a lot of time to download them depending upon the computer you  are using. Indexing of dumps into other languages  like Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. are also available but that feature is really slow right now. For instance it takes 1.5 hours to index a 2.7 MB dump in Japanese on Core 2 Duo.

Download BzReader.

Wikibhasha – A Gift From Microsoft To Wikipedia

Microsoft has developed a web application known as Wikibhasha. Now, this word has been coined from two different words, one is ‘Wiki’ and the other one is ‘Bhasha’. The first word tells you that this application has been formed for Wikipedia web site and the other word has been extracted from Hindi language and its meaning is language like Chinese, Hindi, Sanskrit or any other language. So, now you can understand by the above stated discussion that this web application will help the Wikipedia users to write their content in any language.

Many of the languages in our world use roman literature so it is very easy to submit the content in those languages, but still there are some of the language which do not use roman script and some of them has been mentioned above. This step to develop Wikibhasha is a better initiative to come closer to the people and even if they do not want to or are able to write in English. This is a multi-lingual content developer which will help you to submit the information in your own language.

All the required steps are mentioned on the homepage of the website and it is very simple to do that. There are almost 30 language in which this application can create the content. These are basically the languages which are available in the Microsoft Language Translation System and they are 30 in number. This tool help the user to extract the source article from the Wikipedia in any language and then the user has some useful information to share then this browser based application will help the user to add some thing useful to it and then it will go to the Wikipedias, so that it can be checked and then verified. So Microsoft Research team has offered Wikibhasha to Wikipedia and I am sure that it will really help Wikipedia to improve themselves.

Still there are many countries which are not in touch with Wikipedia because of language barrier and surely this will help them to share something useful with Wikipedia. We will keep you updated with all the information related to this news. Meanwhile if you get to know something about it then please let us know by writing in the comments section. We will be glad to share it. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!!