11 Smart Usage Tips For Mac OS Mountain Lion

Mac os x Mountain Lion is no doubt one of the most addictive operating system till now released from apple, one of major things I have been noticing these days is the poor battery life which has been now degraded in my macbook after Mac Os X Lion upgrade.

But still some great features which has now made my macbook connected to my iphone and ipad are something which I like as a user, now with cloud sync across these machines I can create reminders from any where which will eventually show up every where, similarly i can access all my notes, emails, calendar and contacts.

When it comes to users there are many features to talk about, there are around 200 new features which has been added in Mac Os x Mountain Lion but today we will talk about some smart hacks which will make you experience with mac os x more meaning full.

Turn Off Mac OS Notifications Sound 

One of he most annoying thing which we noticed in new mountain lion was the new notifications sound which keeps sounding every now and then while using mac os, for new new notifications like new email, calendar events and reminders during the day time, as I have my iphone where I see all these notifications so it was really annoying for me to listen notifications sounds again and again.

So, I decided to turn off notification sound, for this you will need go to system preferences >> notifications and then uncheck  the option which says Play notification sound when receiving notifications. 

Change The Notification Background Wallpaper

Yes, you can change the background wallpaper or texture which appears in mac os mountain lion, you can get rid of the familiar dark great linen background. For this you can follow the Cult Of Mac guide on changing the background in notifications or simply watch the video below for the same.


Turn Off Notifications Banners and Alerts in Mountain Lion 

Yes, you can simply get rid of alerts and banner in mac os mountain lion when you are getting annoyed while you are working on some very important task or presentation or some other work on which you want to focus, for this you will need to click several times on the top of he notifications center [ make sure you dont click on the mac os top status bar ]. After several clicks you see the option to turn off alerts and banners as shown in the image below.

Power Trackpad on Macbook Pro or Air To Enjoy Mac Os Mountain Lion

Yes, you can do a lot more with trackpad on your macbook, like you can toggle in between running apps in full screen mode, you can easy check notification center and show desktop and do lot more, out of all these some of the features will be automatically enabled by default while other options you need to configure on your own.

Set Keyboard Shortcuts To Open and Close Notification Center 

Yes, notifications is one cool feature which is worth noticing but in order to access it, you need to swipe left from right side of trackpad with two fingers but you can set a keyboard shortcut which will open notification center. For this you will need to go to system preferences >> keyboard and then check the option under mission control and then click to set the keyboard key as shown in the image below.

Double Click fn Button To Launch Dictation or Speech to Text 

Yes, now you can use the mic in mac os to convert speech to text, by just saying to add a reminder or you can use your voice to type email. In case your keyboard does not have Fn key then you can also change it under System Preferences >> Dictation and Speech – shortcut dropdown.

Install Unsigned Apps To Run and Install Which You Download On Mac Os Mountain Lion Other Than App Store

Yes, if you download and run any app install in mac os mountain lion, you may see the following error message saying – ” app name” is not from mac app store. Are you sure you want to run this, so in this case you will need to click open button once you see this type of warning.

Or if you want to avoid this screen then right click or control click an app you have downloaded and then choose open in right click context menu to run it or install it without any warning, but we recommend that you should do it for the apps you have downloaded from authoritative sources.

Force Install or Extract Apps Package Which You Cant Install in Mac Os Mountain Lion

For some apps you may not be able to install them in mac os mountain lion and in this case when you double click a *.mpkg package you may see the following error in such cases you may see the following error message.

In  such case you will need to right click on the *.mpkg file and select Show Package Contents and locate the .pkg file and then press control key and then click to launch it and then you will see the open button to forcefully run or install it.

Open Root Directory or any Other Folder In Finder in Mountain Lion  

If you have noticed in mac os mountain lion you cant go to the root folder, as it looks like the os itself keeps the users away from the root directory and other folders. So there is no direct way you could access mac os folder. In order to access root folder or any other folder you need to press Command + Shift + G and then type / in textbox and press enter to access the folder.

Removing Apps From Dock In Mac Os Mountain Lion

Yes, its like before when you just drag and drop an app from dock to desktop to remove it. However this option still works but you will need to drag and drop the app far off from the dock to actually remove it or else you can right click on the app and then select the option which says remove from dock.

Set Keyboard Shortcut For Launchpad

For this you will need to go to system preferences >> keyboard and then check the option under Launchpad and dock and then click to set the keyboard key as shown in the image below.


We hope you like these tips above, if you have any other new tip to share please leave a comment at the end of this post below.


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