Best Enterprise Software Trends to Look Out For

It can be hard to keep up with the fast-paced world of computer technology. Enterprise software can be especially difficult to keep tabs on, as it affects the day-to-day workings of an organization rather than an individual. While you are likely experiencing the changes and trends associated with enterprise software every day, whether at the office, at the grocery store or getting ready to board your next flight, you probably don’t give much thought to what’s going on behind the scenes. Here are some interesting trends to look out for in the world of enterprising software.

Advances in Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that relies primarily on pattern recognition and the analysis of algorithms to make predictions on data. This type of artificial intelligence allows computers to learn something without actually being programmed. Companies are now tapping into the powers and efficiency of machine learning to combat fraud. In recent years it seemed like one large company a month was getting hacked, exposing millions of customers’ personal information to thieves and hackers. Issues at insurance companies, banks and big box stores had many consumers scared that their personal security had been compromised.

This year, information technology turns towards machine learning to combat programmers who attempt to access protected information from the outside. Pattern recognitions software allows computers to send up red flags when something goes amiss. From here, computers can use the data gathered to make predictions regarding the hacker’s next move, and preemptively block the illegal access to files. Machine learning will be a sophisticated but soon widespread weapon to combat information leaks, fraud and identity theft.

The Need for Speed

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies can expound upon the importance of big data all day. The medical community has a great need for storing data so large and complex that the development of new software was required to accommodate it. Especially with genome wide associations studies (GWAS) on the rise to improve personalized medicine, software developers have needed to get creative in terms of drawing up programs in which to store this onslaught of information. Now companies are finding that space isn’t the only issue. Speed and ease of access is also important, not least of all for the medical community who needs to be able to access these data to work on approaches to cures.

On what is perhaps the far other end of the spectrum, entertainment giants like Netflix, Amazon, Google and HBO are running into issues regarding streaming. With the advent of television and movie streaming accessibility, the aforementioned websites as well as the Internet service purveyors require massive amounts of data to move over a very short amount of time. Stalled and buffering videos do not make happy customers, and the scramble is on to find solutions to ensure that big data also fast data. One of the alternatives that has cropped up recently is Spark streaming, which isn’t actually streaming at all, but rather a way by which to move small batched of data at almost realtime speed, making it nearly indistinguishable from streaming.

Changes in the Cloud

Cloud hybridization prevents companies from putting all of their eggs in one basket. By using a mix of on-premises and third party clouds, workloads can be moved between the clouds for greater flexibility. A solid orchestration is required between the internal and external systems for this method to function ideally. Many companies use this method to keep the majority of data backed up to a third party cloud, such as the business options offered by Google or Amazon, and use their on campus cloud for more secure or sensitive data. Companies can use a purchasable software layer to facilitate the connections between the two clouds.

Custom Clouds

Privately held U.S. software companies like Infor, lead by CEO Charles Phillips, employs product specialists in 194 countries to support their enterprise software systems. They run a cloud platform called CloudSuite, maintaining that no two clouds should be exactly alike, but rather specifically tailored to the individual industry. Tailor made clouds can help industries create a global footprint by facilitating the acquisition of new companies. Custom built cloud services require a good road map from the company to get started. A business focused cloud strategy to take your company from their current position to their end goal is vital. And since there is no patently right or wrong way, it’s up to your team to work with an information technologies consultant to see how best to arrive at your goal.
Enterprise software trends are centered around speed and efficiency. You can expect to see more innovation in making big data more easily accessible and the access of information more expeditious. With recent advances in machine learning, biotech software and reorganization in the cloud, an emphasis on customization can be expected throughout enterprise software. Businesses are looking to approach information safety and security from new angles, utilizing machine learning and modernization in cloud management, hopefully making information breaches a thing of the past. 

Ford Ecosport India Price – Watch It Live At India Launch Event

As some of our readers know we test drove the new ford ecosport some time ago in goa. We are also coming up the video review of the car by today as it is now going to be launched in india, till then for all those who are wondering about the prices of different models of Ford Ecosport can watch the live stream below to know the price as when its going to be announced in the live stream below.

We have been covering all the updated about the new ford ecosport since day one, so do let us know if you have any questions about the new ford ecosport.

Ford EcoSport Prices

1.5 litre petrol engine – manual transmission
Rs 5.59 lakh – ex showroom New Delhi

1.5 litre diesel engine – manual transmission
Rs 6.69 lakh – ex showroom New Delhi

1.0 litre petrol EcoBoost engine
Rs 7.90 lakh – ex-showroom New Delhi

1.5 litre petrol automatic variant
Rs 8.44 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi

How To Use New Facebook Photo Reply Comment Feature

Suddenly when I was browsing through of my facebook update, I noticed the new option of adding a photo in reply over the facebook status update.

new facebook photo reply comment

I could see a new camera icon while replying to a person as you can see in the image below.

upload a photo in facebook comment

Once I clicked over the icon it allowed me to upload a photo in reply

upload photos in facebook comments as replies

Once I selected the photo, I could see it getting uploaded and once uploaded it the was there in the reply comment and it also allowed me to add a comment while uploading a photo.

facebook photo comment reply feature

PayUPaisa Online Payment Gateway For Merchants Make It Easy Start and Sell Online

PayU has which is another payment gateway company has launched PayUPaisa which is a web based product which helps the buyers to pay online safely. The process here is very simple for a seller as he do not need to pay any money to sign up with PayUPaisa and he/she can either integrate PayUPaisa on his website or he/she can also create a store online by creating a website on PayUPaisa website.


How Safe It Is ?

When a buyer pays through PayUPaisa the payment is held with paisa pay for the next 3 days until the product is delivered, once the confirmation happens for the product delivery the money is transferred to the seller. In case of dispute a team will resolve the issue and the buyer does not face the financial loss. The dispute will be resolved in max 12 working days and PayUPaisa refund the money to the buyer if the dispute is found genuine.

sale chain

How To Register for A Seller and Buyer ?

Its free to register for seller and free for also to create a store on the website and the charges a seller would see is 3.2% minimum per transaction a seller would do for their product and for buyer they just need to sign up with username and password or they can also use facebook id to register and pay with PayUPaisa.

Who Can Be a Seller ?

Who can be a seller on PayUPaisa? Virtually anyone! Be it a small handicraft seller in chandi chowk or an individual who wants to sell paintings online. A school which wants to collect fees online, a Housing society which needs to collect maintenance fees, an event organizer which intends to collect entry fee/ticket fee, a restaurant which wants to get paid for home delivery etc.

About The Company?

PayU India is headquartered in Pearl Tower, Gurgoan and has regional offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. It’s close to 150 people strong and has dedicated Pan India teams for Engineering, sales, operations, customer support, dispute resolution and marketing.

PayUPaisa safeguard buyer’s money and protect him through its strong dispute resolution process. PayUPaisa has various safety checkpoints to make online buying totally safe. Do let us know if you have any questions about this new payment gateway.

What Ford Sync in Ford Ecosport Means For an Urban City Consumer

We previously covered about Ford Eco Sport Contest check out to know how you can win a Ford EcoSport for free. Ford india is all set to launch Ford Ecosport soon, you might have read different automobiles talking about the car features like leg space, boot space, interiors and all other thing which matter to most of the consumers out there, but we are all living in the world of emerging and ever changing technology and that technology is something which change our life.


So, Ford Sync is one technology which will make our life more smarter by making the car more smarter, our busy schedules make it tough for us to connect with our friends and community in person but technology keeps us closer and more accessible. It’s almost as if we need to be compulsively wired. Today’s society is experiencing a new-found method of socialising – mobile and internet. This highly connected world has realised the necessity of highly connected cars. While entry-level car buyers are enjoying added-value infotainment systems, high-end manufacturers continue to roll out devices like high-speed in-car Web access and digital rearview mirrors.

Bringing world-class technology to Indian customers. Ford Sync in Ford Ecosport will make life for those who spend hours in their vehicles. The manufacturer is the pioneer democratising in-car technology across products in India and the world. It started with Bluetooth in the Ford Figo to Bluethooth Voice Control in the Fiesta to the soon-to-be launched SYNC with the EcoSport.

These technologies are developed to not only keep passengers connected to the outside world while on the move but to also keep them fully secure. The Bluetooth-enabled Voice Control that lets the driver make phone calls, listen to music and broadcasts, and adjust in-car temperature without his hands leaving the steering is just an example of how we have increased customer convenience while ensuring safety.

When Ford launched its now-popular Figo in India, it carried out in-depth studies to understand the aspirations, lifestyles and requirements of the Indian customer. One of the significant insights gleaned from these studies was the customer’s need for connectivity, and the Figo became the first-in-segment car to feature Bluetooth connectivity.

What SYNC Can Do in EcoSport ?

Powered by Microsoft, Ford’s open platform approach to mobile device connectivity has helped SYNC stand out in the industry for its ease of use, allowing for continuous improvement of the user experience.  With SYNC at your disposal all you need to do is ‘Say a Command’ and the system will choose the playlist, track and artist name as per your desire. This is only one of SYNC’s many functions. Adjusting the cabin temperature of your car on a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, dialing your friend’s number via your paired phone and more can now be done simply by asking the vehicle to do so.

To Know More Watch The Video Below To Under Ford SYNC

Ford Sync Works with Android Apps For Navigation [Video Demo]

Coming soon..