What Technology Can Make Your Car Do For You–Ford Sync Makes It Possible

Have you ever though about making your car more intelligent, like it can adjust the AC temperature as per the weather outside, it automatically turn the indicators on when you change the lane and it can auto turn of the wipers in case heavy rain etc.

If the answers to any of the above feature is yes, then you might be pleased to know Ford car company is already working on a new technology which lets you implement all the features above in your future ford car.

Ford Sync

Ford’s upcoming technology SYNC is all set to revolutionize the way we interact with our cars. It seamlessly connects you and your car with your Bluetooth and USB devices so life goes on while you drive, safely. Just say the words and SYNC does the rest. Dial home. It can read-out text messages. Browse and select music tracks. Even if you’re on a call when it’s time to get in or out of your car, just keep talking. SYNC automatically switches you between your handset and car.

Ford Has Started Implementing This Technology In Their Existing Cars

If you really want to feel this feature then go and test drive the new Ford Fiesta – The New Fiesta is ‘Tech-Tastic’ and versatile enough to become digitally fine-tuned for driving and passenger comfort, the all-new Fiesta is the first car in its segment to offer Voice Control – an intuitive and smart feature that is engaging to the gadget-savvy customer. It offers connectivity for smart phones and iPods, climate control setting that allows passengers to control the system simply by ‘voice’ which is quite new and different feature to this segment of passenger cars.

Ford Figo [Some Models in Europe] on the other hand is packed with intelligent Ford SYNC features like the Rapid Deceleration Warning, Distance to Empty Meter, Speed Smart Wipers, Lane Change Indication and Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth the car owner has access to convenient features like Full Phonebook Access, Call Logs (Incoming, Outgoing, Missed), Call Swap, Call Hold, Audio Streaming.

Ford Figo Sync

Ford is working on this technology to make your car intelligent with some fitted sensors in the car steering it senses that your blood pressure is elevated or you are stressed out, it will alter the driving dynamics accordingly and even knock off all the unimportant gauges from the dashboard, showing only the critical ones.

OpenXC Platform Makes Ford Sync Better

Ford is also working on developing useful applications for cars with the OpenXC platform. OpenXC is an API to your car – by installing a small hardware module to read and translate metrics from a car’s internal network, the data becomes accessible from most Android applications using the OpenXC library. You can start making vehicle-aware applications that have better interfaces based on context, can minimize distraction while driving, are integrated with other connected services, and can offer the consumer more insight into their car’s operation.

ford sync tech panle

What You Might See In Ford Future Cars In India

A basic streamlined version of Sync will be available in the Ford EcoSport that will be sold in India in January 2013. So you can expect EcoSport to feature voice-commands (like the Fiesta) and also app connectivity to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android, and you will also be able to do more in your car by just using your phone.

To know about how this technology actually works, watch the video below.

How Ford Sync Works [Video]


We can only imagine what future cars will be capable to do with this new ford sync technology and it will make driving more simple and remove all the stress associated with it, Do let us know what do you think about this new technology through the comments section below.

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