How To Use New Facebook Photo Reply Comment Feature

Suddenly when I was browsing through of my facebook update, I noticed the new option of adding a photo in reply over the facebook status update.

new facebook photo reply comment

I could see a new camera icon while replying to a person as you can see in the image below.

upload a photo in facebook comment

Once I clicked over the icon it allowed me to upload a photo in reply

upload photos in facebook comments as replies

Once I selected the photo, I could see it getting uploaded and once uploaded it the was there in the reply comment and it also allowed me to add a comment while uploading a photo.

facebook photo comment reply feature

How To Block, Approve When Someone Tags On Your Facebook Uploaded Photos

Facebook is the biggest social networking website and now a days all of us have an account on Facebook. We use our Facebook account for connecting to our friends all the time and sharing the images with them. Today I will talk about the Tagging feature of Facebook.Tagging is a very popular feature of Facebook using which the Facebook users can tag your name to a specific post, publication or an image. With the better and newer controls for privacy, you can now select and manually approve, reject or remove tags related to your Facebook profile for a specific photo or a post. This can be done using the “Tag Review” feature in Facebook.

After enabling the “Tag Review” feature in your Facebook profile any friend who wants to add tag you to a photo or a post won’t be able to tag you until you will approve it. Hence in this way you can  get rid of all the unwanted tags.

Facebok tags1

After you will log in to your Facebook account, you will need to go to the Account option as soon as you will click on the Account option A dropdown will open. In this drop down you will have various options like Edit Friends, Account Settings, Privacy Settings, Help center and Log Out. You will have to select the Privacy Settings option.

Facebok tags 2

After selecting the Privacy Settings from the drop down a new page will open. In this new page you will have to navigate to the option which says “How Tags Work”, this option controls the events that will happen when you will be tagged . Now click the Edit Settings option to view the tagging options for your Facebook profile.

Facebok tags 3

When you will click on the Edit Settings option the above window i.e. the How Tags Work  window will open. The window has options like Profile View, Tag Review, Profile Visibility, Tag suggestions and Friends can check into your places. Now in order to turn on the Tag Review for your Facebook profile click the Off setting.

Facebok tags 4g

The above window will open when you will click on the Off setting of the Tag Review. Click the button which says Turn On Tag Review in order to turn on tag review. Doing this will enable the Tag Review feature on your profile. From now whenever a person who is not your friend adds a tag to your post then you will be first asked to review it. And once you approve the tag, your friends and the person tagged can see their post.

Customize How Facebook Profile & Other Options Look Like In Google Chrome

The addiction to facebook is one of the things we all like. It helps us to keep in touch with the near and dear ones even after the long distances. Also, Facebook is of great help to save our time. But recently I realised that it is becoming an application just for the sake of likes and comments. The same interface is no more interesting. I can’t change the appearance according to my preferences. To overcome this boredom I found a tool named as Minimalist for Facebook. We have also notified the Minimalist for Gmail Notification which is liked by many users.

Minimalist for facebook is a free google chrome extension for its users. You can easily download and install it with the help of the link given at the end. The icon will be present in the address bar as shown in the snapshot below. But remember that it will be in the address bar for facebook only and not others.

Facebook - Google Chrome_2011-05-10_14-02-27

Right click on the icon and select options to make the changes according to your choice. The options are divided under different heads as: General, Theme, Toolbar Navigation, Sidebar, Main and Import/ Export. The snapshot below displays the user interface.

Minimalist for Facebook Options - Google Chrome_2011-05-10_14-02-57

  • General: It will help to change the It will help you to toggle between display and hide the Options Icon, Favicon Counter, Animate Transitions, Footer and Custom CSS.
  • Theme: Change color of accent and background. Simply click on the block and use the slider and pointer to select the shade. The option is also for the full width layout and hover highlights. The minimalist stylesheet will be available for the users very soon.
  • Toolbar: The toolbar at the top can be hidden or floating. Similarly, options are available for the search box, right and left section of the facebook webpage.
  • Navigation: It provides the option to float or hide the navigation. Similarly, options for Profile Section, Groups Section, Navigation Section and Chat Section are available.
  • Sidebar: It can be hidden or floating with few other options.
  • Main: It is to show or hide various stories and pages.
  • Import/ Export: It helps you to transfer the settings. You can save the different settings for future view. And if you don’t like the changes, simply Reset All. It has been shown in the snapshot below.

Minimalist for Facebook Options - Google Chrome_2011-05-10_14-04-59

The More and Changes tab help you to have a better understanding of the options available. In short, the utility is very user friendly and will support you to get the best possible facilities. I will suggest you to try it once. You will surely enjoy it.

Install Minimalist for facebook

Enable Secure Login On Facebook – Stop, Prevent Password Steal

Hacking is the biggest threat when we think about the personal id security specially on the social networking website. Facebook is a network all of us are using. We have to be a bit careful about the security. Though our accounts are secure but at the same time hackers are also too active. Using https is a very good option to use the network in a secured manner. Few days back we have informed you manually add https. This might not be possible everytime.

Facebook has provided the option if the users want to enable it. As mentioned earlier some of the applications which are being provided by others are not using the same format. So, Facebook has not yet enabled the option for all. Though they may soon modify it by themself for everyone after the required changes.

You may follow the steps as shown below to enable the option:

Step 1: Go to the Account as shown in the snapshot below. Select the Account Settings.

Facebook - Google Chrome_2011-02-03_19-54-26

Now, your account settings page will be presented to you.

Step 2: Go to settings which consists of many options (and one is account security). Select the change option for account settings. The options displayed below will be presented to you as shown in the snapshot below.Check box “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”.

My Account - Google Chrome_2011-02-03_19-58-51

Step 3: Click on Save to update the settings.

Now, your account is updated and safeguarded by the https protocol. The added facility will protect your account from various problems faced by the users these days. The snapshot below shows you the addition of https. It shows the verification and authentication of the application.

My Account (1) - Google Chrome_2011-02-03_20-02-28

It completely depends upon the user that the security measured has to be enabled or not. Since the user may have preference of other application than security than they may not want to use it. Also, some other security setups of the user may find the option not of much help. So, facebook has made this choice optional for its users. But if you want to use it just change the settings for once and you can enjoy the safe network thereafter. You don’t have to worry any more.

I think this will be liked by almost all the users. Make the changes, so that you don’t need to take tension of the hacking of your account any more. Enjoy the safe and secure mode of facebook.

Facebook Allows To Filter Messages On Public Pages

Before starting this post let me tell you about a fact related to Facebook, due you know that Facebook is maintaining the database for its 5,000,000 users. Now this is something which can make you feel astonished and that is the reason why Facebook is emphasizing again and again on the security issues. Recently Facebook again added a new feature which is related to the filtering of the mails and today in this post I will be telling you about that feature in my post.

Recently Facebook has introduced a feature named as spam which is only for the public pages. Now this will help the people to see the most usable content which are posted by the others on that page. Actually it has been done because many spam message acquire most of the attention of the users by begin repeated again and again. Now this attracts the attention of the users who visit that page and that user may feel that public page is of no use. It may happen that users may get annoyed and then stop visiting that page or the valuable content has been made to hide because of these spam messages.

So this feature will automatically remove the spam messages and thus users can see their messages and other useful messages on that page. This will not only be helpful for the readers but also helpful for the owner of that page because now the useful content from his page can read easily. So, if you are the admin then you need to waste your time on removing the spams from your page and reader will be benefited as per the genuine content which is published on your page. In short it means the time will be used efficiently for everyone on Facebook.

Facebook is really trying hard to ensure all the users that it is useful, safe and secure and undoubtedly it is getting successful in doing so. We will try to keep you updated with all the information related to this news and meanwhile if you get to know anything related to regarding any new feature introduced in Facebook then please let us know by putting it in the comments as we will be glad to share with the rest of the users by updating our posts. Keep Reading and have a nice day!!!