How To Use New Facebook Photo Reply Comment Feature

Suddenly when I was browsing through of my facebook update, I noticed the new option of adding a photo in reply over the facebook status update.

new facebook photo reply comment

I could see a new camera icon while replying to a person as you can see in the image below.

upload a photo in facebook comment

Once I clicked over the icon it allowed me to upload a photo in reply

upload photos in facebook comments as replies

Once I selected the photo, I could see it getting uploaded and once uploaded it the was there in the reply comment and it also allowed me to add a comment while uploading a photo.

facebook photo comment reply feature

Post On Twitter From Facebook Profile [Selective Updates]

Recently one of my friend who created a new twitter id now he wants to post on twitter from facebook, but again he don’t want all the facebook updates from his facebook profile to be posted to twitter but only some updates he wants to be replicated on twitter.

post on twitter from facebook

As both facebook and twitter these days are getting popular so people who spend time online want to be active on both of these platforms and but at the same time if they want to post the same update both on facebook and twitter, they normally don’t like to do it one more time, in such cases you will need to make these platforms sync with each other for the updates cross posting.

However there is a way with which you could post some of your selective tweets on facebook which you want to, by using a app called selective tweets but other way round is little different as there are not many apps available on facebook which lets you post selective updates from your facebook profile to twitter, however if you ready to post all facebook status updates, videos and links etc to twitter there is a app which says post on twitter from facebook its named Fbtotweet

This app on facebook will let you post all the updates from facebook to twitter, but it will not happen instantly could take up to 30 minutes when the app service servers are heavily loaded. It will automatically upload your pictures via yFrog and shorten your shared links via – you can also disable these options for your Facebook account and for any of your facebook fan pages that your syncing.

Another way to post only some updates from facebook to twitter can be done through official facebook way of linking to twitter. As facebook now allows your facebook profile to link to twitter – in order to link to go to and click Link My Profile to Twitter as shown in the image below.

post from facbook to twitter

In case you are looking for way to connect facebook pages to twitter, you can read the extensive guide here on how to do that or with the same link above you can also link facebook fan pages updates to get posted automatically on your twitter profile.

Once you click to connect the twitter profile with facebook, it will take you to twitter to authorize facebook to link to twitter.

link facebook to twitter

Once the connection is done, you can decide what to post from facebook and what not to as shown in the image below.

things you can post from facebook to twitter

But the most important thing is that, if you have made your facebook profile updates available to friends only then in order to post an update on twitter from facebook you will need to make the update public when you post it from facebook.

facebook public update

Below is an example update, I posted from facebook to twitter as shown in the image below.

posted update from facebook to twitter

Use Facebook On Any Old Or New Mobile Phone Without Activating 3G or Edge

We all know how important some of the social networking websites like Facebook has become in our life. Not only on PCs or laptops, rather now it is being used through smartphones and other similar devices. But, the problem is that majority of users do not have smartphones and thus accessing web services like Facebook is a dream for them. So, in order to make this dream a reality, today we are going to discuss a new technique which provides this service and has been named as Facebook for Fonetwish service.

Fonetwish is basically a newly launched service which allows the users to access their Facebook account and that too without making use of the Internet connection. Along with this, it doesn’t require expensive or a particular category phone for the service. Rather, it allows any mobile phone users (almost) like from old Nokia 3100 to latest smart phone users to update Facebook status for free with the help of this service. Along with this status update feature, if you further need some more features then you need to pay a nominal fee for which you can get full control of your Facebook account. It also includes some of the advanced features from your old phone and that too without any need of internet connection or data plan for mobile phone which is a real big advantage.

Now let us talk about the usage of this service. In order to use it, you need to follow the below mentioned steps in the given order :

1. First of all, you need to Dial *325# from your mobile handset in order to get start with the service. Once you dial it, you may observe that a new pop-up will come up which will ask you to enter your Facebook account password. It will then verify your password and once verified, you will see menu for using Facebook on mobile phone.


2. This menu comprises of features like: Update status which as mentioned is available for free and other premium services like: news feed, post on wall, friend request and notifications which all are charged at Re. 1 per day for unlimited usage. As mentioned, you can update Facebook status quickly for free using this service which is a nice feature.


Currently, this service is supported by only few service providers such as Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo in India and by XLcom, Telkomsel in Indonesia. So, if you are using either of these mobile operator services as your mobile connection service, then this service should work as explained above in few simple steps.

How To Change The First Photo Of Facebook Photo Album or Album Cover

Facebook is no doubt the great online platform to connect to your friends, we have been writing lots of facebook tips and guides you can read all of them here. Recently one of my friend asked me how can he change the first photo of the facebook album and how to set the cover photo of a facebook album.

Now we tell you the solution to both of these problems, when you upload some photos as facebook photo album you can easily set any photo as photo album cover as shown in the image below.

make photo album cover

Just in case you want to change the position of the first photo so that, when you upload the photo album you see all photos in the form of a grid and then you can left click and drag any photo you want to any position.

move facebook album

This way you can change the photos which are shown in the preview when, the status update for the facebook photo album uploaded is posted as shown in the image below.

facebook photo album preview

Official Facebook Messenger, Chat Software For Windows 7 or Later

Social networking websites have really emerged as an outstanding domain for all the professional as well as casual users. Facebook, of course one of the most popular and most commonly use website has attracted a huge number of users and already is one of the most accessed website on the Internet. Few days back, there was an official information from the Facebook’s side for releasing their own instant messaging program and this news attracted large number of users as it appeared on a Facebook support page. It gave complete information about this awaited Facebook Messenger for Windows, which offers chat, messaging and notification functionality.

Facebook Messenger is an instant messenger which is very similar to the other messengers of its kind. It can be easily downloaded from the link given below and all the Windows based users can install the client on their system. But before starting it, they need to connect the program with a Facebook account in order to use its functionality.


After installing it on your computer, you may observe that a simple click on log in button present in the messenger’s interface opens the Facebook website in the default browser from where user may enter the credentials. If you don’t want to enter your login details each time you use this messenger then you may use the “keep me logged in” feature.

Facebook Messenger comes with a nice and attractive interface. You may see three icons at top which indicate friend requests, messages and notifications and may use any of them according to your needs and requirements. Once you open the chat window, you may observe that it uses a tabbed interface in order to separate different chats. There are several other options that are provided with the messenger are displayed in the system tray icon’s right-click context menu.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which can be used by all the users irrespective of their level and knowledge in the field of computers and Internet. All the windows based users can use this messenger and may chat with their closed ones without even opening the browser and the website anymore. So, download it from the link given below and try out its features.

Download Facebook Messenger