PayUPaisa Online Payment Gateway For Merchants Make It Easy Start and Sell Online

PayU has which is another payment gateway company has launched PayUPaisa which is a web based product which helps the buyers to pay online safely. The process here is very simple for a seller as he do not need to pay any money to sign up with PayUPaisa and he/she can either integrate PayUPaisa on his website or he/she can also create a store online by creating a website on PayUPaisa website.


How Safe It Is ?

When a buyer pays through PayUPaisa the payment is held with paisa pay for the next 3 days until the product is delivered, once the confirmation happens for the product delivery the money is transferred to the seller. In case of dispute a team will resolve the issue and the buyer does not face the financial loss. The dispute will be resolved in max 12 working days and PayUPaisa refund the money to the buyer if the dispute is found genuine.

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How To Register for A Seller and Buyer ?

Its free to register for seller and free for also to create a store on the website and the charges a seller would see is 3.2% minimum per transaction a seller would do for their product and for buyer they just need to sign up with username and password or they can also use facebook id to register and pay with PayUPaisa.

Who Can Be a Seller ?

Who can be a seller on PayUPaisa? Virtually anyone! Be it a small handicraft seller in chandi chowk or an individual who wants to sell paintings online. A school which wants to collect fees online, a Housing society which needs to collect maintenance fees, an event organizer which intends to collect entry fee/ticket fee, a restaurant which wants to get paid for home delivery etc.

About The Company?

PayU India is headquartered in Pearl Tower, Gurgoan and has regional offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. It’s close to 150 people strong and has dedicated Pan India teams for Engineering, sales, operations, customer support, dispute resolution and marketing.

PayUPaisa safeguard buyer’s money and protect him through its strong dispute resolution process. PayUPaisa has various safety checkpoints to make online buying totally safe. Do let us know if you have any questions about this new payment gateway.