What is wmpnetwk.exe ? Can I stop it ?

People always complain their computer speed being very slow and they never find out why it is so slow even in performing basic operations. Computers are being slow due to hell lot of useless process which keep on running in the background using system resources including your CPU and Memory.

We have previously posted about some useless services like google updater, wmpnscfg.exe , mdm.exe and cftmon.exe etc and how to know about a process running.

One such process is wmpnetwk.exe which is for media sharing associated with Windows Media Player


What is wmpnetwk.exe?

wmpnetwk.exe is the main exe for Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. It is used to share Windows Media Player libraries. This process should be running when your on a network and want to share your media through windows media player otherwise it is useless.

Let’s see how can we stop wmpnetwk.exe from running every time automatically and prevent it from eating up system resources.

In order to stop wmpnetwk.exe you will need to disable media sharing service in windows media player.

1. Open Media Player

2. Go to Library >> Media Sharing


3. This will open up Media Sharing Dialog, uncheck the both of these checkbox’s and click apply.


If the above procedure does not solve your problem and you still see wmpnetwk.exe running, then you should disable its corresponding service

1. Open Run Prompt ( Press Window+r ) and type Services.msc and press Enter

2. Locate Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service


3. Right click on it and Select Properties, now stop it if it is already running by clicking Stop button and then select the Startup Type as Disabled and press OK


4. That’s it! Done


  1. Lucas says

    Thanks! stopping the service with Services.msc was the solution!
    It was eating my battery life..

  2. keith says

    im running windows 7 and it does the same thing…. just do the second option the first didnt seem to want to work….. oh by the way thanks now my laptop is finally working to the performance it should :D

  3. rad_thundercat says

    With all the bullshit one finds on the web when searching for process explanations, finding this post was like a breathe of fresh air.

    Thank you for taking the time to do a nice write-up rather than baiting searchers with SEO hacks.

    Keep it up!

  4. Morgan Madej says

    My 4 years old MaxData notebook running Win XP has only 2mb of ram and the Windows Media Player Network sharing Service file was consuming 40k of memory for no reason as I hate WMP!

    As from today this file is gone from my Task Manager!

    Thanks to your advice I am free at last of wmpnetwk.exe

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