What is WMPNSCFG.exe? and why it is running? in vista

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There are lots of process in windows which keeps on running in the background using some share of windows resources all the time.

These process are most of the time are not use full to all of us, one of those process is wmpnscfg.exe

What is  wmpnscfg.exe?

wmpnscfg.exe is used to alert users when a new media device is found on the network. When wmpnscfg is notified that a new media device is available on the network, it displays a popup in the system tray that informs the user about the availability of the new device.

How To Disable or Stop WMPNCFG.EXE service ?

1. Open Start > Run and type services

2. This will open up a window listing all the services on your system locate the service named "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service"

3. Right click and select properties and select disabled in the startup type and click OK










4. close services and restart your system WMPNCFG.EXE will be gone from running process from task manager.

If you like to know about some other process running on your system do let us know through comments

Tip: You can also use process explorer provided by Microsoft in order to get information about the programs running in your windows XP and Vista.

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  1. Gene Thomas says:

    I have disabled wmpncfg.exe and have restarted, but when I go to the task manager–there it is, running. Any idea what gives?

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