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September 24, 200895 Comments

After a long time wait yahoo has finally released the final version of yahoo messenger 9.0, the exact version is which has been made final after lot of beta testing.

This time yahoo messenger has been released with some wonder full features like PingBox which can be embedded on any website with which the site visitors chat with the webmaster directly on his yahoo mail id.


Yahoo messenger 9 final version can be downloaded from the official yahoo website but downloading yahoo messenger from the official yahoo web site will download a small file msgr9us.exe which will download and install yahoo messenger.

This small file msgr9us.exe is yahoo messenger online installer which install yahoo messenger only on those system which are connected to internet.

Let’s see how can you download yahoo messenger 9 full offline installer which installs yahoo messenger 9 on system which is not connected to internet.


Yahoo messenger 9 final version offline installer is approximately of 14.1 MB in size and you can use offline installer of yahoo messenger 9 to install yahoo messenger on any computer which need not to be connected to internet.

Download Yahoo Messenger 9 full Setup Offline Installer (Yahoo) | Download Yahoo Messenger 9 full Setup Offline Installer Final Version

If you are searching for downloading the full offline installer for yahoo messenger 9, download it from the link below

Download Yahoo Messenger offline installer for vista – Credit goes to Navjot Singh

Note: You can also get the full setup of latest version of yahoo messenger from here

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  1. Blade says:

    Any url for OFFLINE Installer for Windows Vista ?

  2. iChaitanya says:

    Thanks for the update! I just installed this new version and it’s really cool and fast! :)

  3. Navjot Singh says:

    Blade..try this for vista:

  4. arsh says:

    thanks al;otssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  5. Dolon says:

    Thanks buddy !! You are a life saver!!

  6. simon says:


  7. czerina says:

    is there silver skin?? because the arrow in the selection of skins are unclickable in our ym.

  8. R. says:

    Thanks, hope 2 update more It’s NICE!!!!!!

  9. hany says:

    good work

  10. slavezero says:

    thanks ;) … great share

  11. triyanto says:

    any have indonesian version yahoo mesenger offline installer?

  12. h20ray says:

    wow..great… bener² ngebantu… thanks banyak ya… love u all… wakakakaka

  13. rajesh says:

    i have new version messenger, but i unable to call .. plase give me suggestion how to call … wait suman

  14. Farhan says:

    superb…thnx man,,,i realy tried 3 times to download yahoo messenger, in online mode from yahoo website…. but it hangs on 100% after it setup cant continue… thnx again

  15. jipi says:

    i am indonesian. we thank you for tips you give. website good. sweet greetings.

  16. Royski says:

    I have a problem with YM9.0….I can’t transfer files! I also noticed that Yserver.exe is missing in my installation directory. Is this normal?

  17. Aakash says:

    yahoo messenger version……this is the final version of yahoo messenger.

  18. ali says:


  19. raafat says:


  20. Oom Donny says:

    Thank You bro. For Indonesian, You could download this program (Bahasa Indonesia version) at:

  21. suresh says:

    i need download manager which exactly works and not expires other than internet download manager.plz tel me link for it

  22. stitch says:

    downdloaded .. but encountered error not at Win32 application. I am running on Window XP.

  23. Junaid says:

    The latest Yahoo messenger is simply amazing,fast & really quick.Yahoo messenger rocks

  24. LIPIKA says:


  25. hiren says:


  26. Piseth says:

    Thanks very much for the download. It is fast and cool to download here. Keep up!

  27. me says:

    very good man i got that 9.0 version thanks buddy thanks a lot.

  28. Iced says:

    tnx for a free download……….

  29. Olatoye says:

    Hello Abhishek, Is there any other means for me to download all this your stuff?. I am using Dial Up connection with proxy server. Pls help me out.

  30. Nishan says:


  31. ryu says:

  32. Dzzo says:

    The 2nd link there doesnt work, 404 not found so you might want to remove it. I have the same problem with y! 9 installer hanging up on 100% so im seriously hoping this works.

  33. kathleen says:

    I have windows xp and when i downloaded the offline full setup for yahoo 9.0 i cudnt see my messages or go into any chat rooms

  34. koelimaya says:

    thanks bro, for u’r info

  35. Masum269 says:

    Thanks a lot Ofline installer save my time……………

  36. Gobinath says:

    HI, I downloaded YM9 from your site……………..Its really coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

  37. Pilipino_Ako says:

    Downloaded it Thanks man!!! save a lot of time!!!!

  38. rhod says:

    wat can i do this problem…yahoo messenger did not properly install this may have been due to other open application or in complete install pleas try the install again after restarting you machine,,,,HELP PLEAS

  39. Prasoon Parihar says:


  40. nest says:

    how to insatall ym9 on win7? please help…..

  41. pepz says:

    tnx bosss

  42. cc says:

    matur nuwun — thankyou

  43. Kent says:

    Thanks but the final version is not available. I downloaded the ver9 not final version though. Thanks again.

  44. Sukhad Pathak says:

    vserion US version India

  45. ankur says:

    it is best

  46. partho says:

    It is a good communicate way for both side…

  47. frank says:

    want yahoomessengerlatest version

  48. Anthony J. Maulion says:

    thanks.. but i have a problem in my webcam server is always busy when I’m trying to broadcast my webcam.. help me please..

  49. Shoaib Ghouri says:

    Thanks for Yahoo

  50. don davis says:

    thank u bossss

  51. bomviteers24 says:


  52. abbas says:

    hellow if u want fun so just sign in to yahoo but the 10 edition of yahoo contains video syntax error so plzzz dnt use that

  53. raja abrar ahmed says:

    this is good site for yahoo messenger

  54. Anjum says:

    Thank you very much….!

  55. Pradip Chakraborty says:

    Hope this works

  56. imran says:

    thanks from me tttttttttoooooooooooooo

  57. lahiru says:


  58. hossam says:


  59. yasamankiyanersi says:

    hi I cant download yahoomessenger9. give me this link? thanks

  60. virendra says:

    Farhan,always remember that if u downloading a yahoo messenger from any site it should contain a advance setup not minimum than 2 mb if it is less than so u should understand that it will not complete anyway.

  61. maro says:

    hi ,i download the new yahoo messenger verison 10,but the is no option to call,no button to press,how can i call,they can call me ,but i can’t call,i need to download the old one ,but i don’t know how??!!

  62. khalid_figo says:


  63. mohsin says:

    this is a great site

  64. bodez says:

    please help me in to install yahoomassenger

  65. cissy says:

    YM version 10 has already installed to my notebook. But i uninstalled again coz it can’t share camera to other YM old version. I love this Ym9. Thanks a lot.

  66. jjudith says:

    please help me in to install yahoomassenger

  67. abhay maurya says:

    thanks dude,you r awsome man. and u also give offline installer for google chrome. thanks buddy

  68. ravi says:


  69. suleiman ali says:

    i need windows live messenger offline installation because of installing virus will attack my computer i don’t like it that way .

  70. ALI says:

    This is very fast and nice …..NICE…..

  71. John Cena says:

    Wonderful results thank you YAHOO!

  72. swapnil says:

    pls help me,i hv window 7 i caanot see msgs in yahoo msger 10 nor in 9 i even tried scripting installed n reinstalled 3 times,nor in other websites cannot go on 2 page[javascript:void (0) shows on lefthand side down, dont what is the correct problem ..waitng for good solution..quick help will appreciated..pls mail me.the details thanks

  73. govind says:

    i want to download ym9

  74. Vibhor says:

    Swapnil the best thing i suggest then change your windows. Another option is there is a tool given by Microsoft itself you can run window Xp in window seven. Search it i dont remember the name of that tool but u might find it at their site

  75. Prakash says:

    This is very fast.

  76. ashu says:

    thanks 4 the downloading link

  77. TAHIR says:


  78. chANdru says:

    its very best than other link of offline installer

  79. sandeep says:

    i m trying to open ma id in yahoo messenger but i m failed. i m badly in need of help .is there anyone to tell me wht to do?downloading new version is solution of ma problem or not?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plz plz

  80. thess says:

    i download ym 10. but the chat rom and music launchcast is gone…

  81. Faroque says:

    After trying 10 times via online mode, finally Yahoo Messenger ver. 9 is installed on my PC. Thanks….

  82. SHIRSENDU says:

    u should create a new yahoo id


    which messenger download for pc video call with offline installing

  84. anshu says:

    its marrvellew

  85. harpreet singh says:

    iam insttaling m,10 but pc to pc calls is gone pls hepl me

  86. himanshu says:

    hey….i took new laptop and i have os windows 7,64 bit ,and yahoo messenger not start in it……plz give me any idea…

  87. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    salam kya hal ha mna sindh s ho wapda coluni guddu

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