Download Windows Live Messenger 2009 Full Setup [offline installer]

November 19, 200871 Comments

This is our first official post of sharing the offline installer for windows live messenger, previously we have shared various other offline installers including Download windows live writer full setup, Download yahoo messenger full setup, Download google chrome full setup etc.

Microsoft does not offer the link to direct download for windows live messenger 2009 as they need to promote their windows live installer all over the web which even lets you install some useless programs which you don’t even know about or you don’t want. If you download windows live messenger from the official microsoft web site you will get a web installer which cannot work if you want to install windows live messenger on a computer which is not connected to internet.


Today we have come up with the latest version windows live messenger 2009 full setup, lets see how can you get windows live messenger offline standalone installer which can be used to install live of messenger without requiring internet connection.

Window Live Messenger will bundle all these hell lot of other software which you may found of no use.



Even when you don’t do anything it will automatically start installing and downloading all programs from the internet and start eating up your bandwidth.

Download Windows Live Messenger 2009 Standalone Installer or Full Setup


Check out Latest Updated Working Direct Link Below

Download Windows Live Messenger Complete Setup [ Thanks To Gadget ]

Updated On 8 May 2010 - Note: Please let us know if the link given above is broken in future

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  1. Brian says:

    finally a link without the crappy bloatware from microshaft. thank thank you very much!

  2. Pat says:

    Hey thanks but i haven’t tried it yet. Am in the download process. I needed that cos the web install form MS is crap, my connection times out most times and i cant install it.

  3. ahmed says:

    “finally a link without the crappy bloatware from microshaft. thank thank you very much!” totally what i wanted to say THANKS MAN!!!!! :D

  4. khaled says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx

  5. sotos says:

    hey help i have downloaded the messenger 2009 but when i press sign in it says something an then error i try to uninstall it but i cant find it in control panel …. plse help

  6. Zeeshan Arshad says:

    Finally, a direct link. Thanks for posting it. Microsoft sucks for this attempt. They are not consumer friendly. Just keep giving them your $$$…. and they are happy!

  7. a7med says:

    cant instal. when i run the installer, the bars complete but then the installer closes and nothing happens.

  8. Saqib says:

    Hello word! It’s me Saqib from Pakistan. I’m using Windows Live Essentials since from it’s release but today I’ve come across to see the offline download for Windows Live Messenger.It would be realy very great for my colleagues to use it.Thanks alot.It’s an awesome work. bye :)

  9. Elio says:

    for the one who couldnt unistall it, yeah ive downloaded it b4 from another website and id didnt work. it was always saying service unavailable… and i couldnt find it in control pannel. so i did system restore and it worked

  10. Babar Jahangir says:

    Thank you very much….

  11. alvaro says:

    How can i install it? i click it but the installation bar doesn`t load?? Help Thanks ahead

  12. cheeky says:

    so wheres the link? i clicked the biggg words that say download and it just goes back to the same page? maybe im thick but i must be missing something

  13. alvaro says:

    I was in trouble, And could n`t install the msn 09 then I tried several packages of the offline installer and it didn`t want ot work yet, then when on start>> control panel>>> add & quit programs there`s the option to repair some softwares when once click to uninstall them so it `s how it got fixed Stay tunned Over

  14. ermal says:

  15. Hi says:

    Thnx Ermal FLM

  16. Vicky says:

    bundle of thanks.

  17. mohamed says:


  18. Zack says:

    i had downloaded the live messenger offline installer. But i tried to sign in, i face error. Is there anything that i miss?

  19. SeoN says:

    Thanks !! =)

  20. noobhacker says:

    thanks! every time when i format my computer need to download again,with this i dont need anymore! :P

  21. lisun says:

    i cannot thank you ENOUGH for posting this up utterly sick of microshat many many many many thanks

  22. andy says:

    thanks so much. i had problems using the live installer this one worked great … i have messenger again :)

  23. lim says:

    thanks for the installer

  24. altin says:

    how to download messenger live

  25. baderalbader says:

    THaaaanks :)

  26. bob says:


  27. raj says:

    hi i try to install this full messenger but it’s asking latest version so plz if have latest messenger full plz upload…………

  28. shady says:


  29. M says:


  30. Aurora Silverwolf says:

    Hey how do you get to the bloody install … and yeah it’s about time someone came up with a solution cause micronuts doesn’t make your life easy with the installation of anything

  31. Kartik Sharma says:

    All i can say is it’s wonderfull…… thaq u soo muchhhhh………

  32. Jon says:

    I run it, the bars go up, But then it closes and nothing happens, anyone know what to do?

  33. Daniel says:

    Same Problem here! Installer loads but the wizard doesn’t come up. I can find Messenger in the start menu, when trying to log in I get an error message (Service unavailable). I can’t uninstall it because it’s not in the Add/Remove Programs CP. I’m on Windows 7 64 bit. (fresh install) Somethings wrong here… I’ll go with the MS installer.

  34. Daniel says:

    Shyte… the normal installer won’t install it because it says it is already installed. I thought I had found something really useful here but it turnes out to cause only problems. :( you get one minus point for that!

  35. Daniel says:

    For me this was the solution: msiexec /uninstall %windir%\Installer\11c4371.msi I think the filename could be different fou you. It should work with the downloadable MSI too if you can’t locate the right one inside %windir%\Installer. Be careful not to uninstall different things.

  36. abhishek says:

    @daniel – you should better clean up your computer with revo uninstaller program before trying this new installer – i hope you got my point

  37. excel says:

    thats great to get it!!!

  38. Daniel says:

    Did it help? PS: “fou” lol :)

  39. Anonymous says:

    You are welcome.

  40. wil says:

    do you have the offline installer for the latest WLM? because i can’t sign in unless i have my current WLM updated, but the microsoft’s website is so crappy that i cant open it.

  41. younan says:


  42. free man says:


  43. kumpoy says:


  44. legend says:

    hey i Download Windeows Live messenger .,… But it Doesn`t open :S … please Help Me! :S :(

  45. tom brady says:

    Yessss now I can install windows live on my ubuntu with a few tricks here and there!

  46. FAISAL says:

    I need live messanger

  47. Kelvin says:

    thanks man….. totally the best :D

  48. Kostas says:

    thank u sooooo much…

  49. franz says:

    ok nice

  50. erdrivan says:

    Run : msiexec /x {A85FD55B-891B-4314-97A5-EA96C0BD80B5}

  51. Mohammad Sabri says:

    Thank you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>For ever

  52. Gadget says:

    If Anyone Happens Upon This Site Like I Did But Still Can’t Find The “Essentials” Offline Download Site, Try This Link…. Took Me A While To Find It Myself On Microsux Website Because Of Their Crap Site, But Found It Again. Regards Gadget :-)

  53. Hendy Irawan says:

    Not working anymore, size is 1.1 MB. Softpedia also hosts the “downloader” version.

  54. Hassan says:

    ^ Link works fine, just downloaded it.

  55. Bojan95 says: try this

  56. sandy says:

    Thanks Gadget ; It’s working great for me .. _

  57. Gadget says:

    Pleasure Sandy, The Least I Could Do When Mircosux Seems To Hide Their Software, LoL!!!

  58. Eric says:

    Thanks, link works. But you didn’t state which exact version of WLM this installs.

  59. Cruci says:

    OMG link is not work. i have many windiws live offline installer but all crap :( . help me

  60. Sherif says:

    Hey sup ! Thx for the great effort u r doing over here , i have a big problem i had the 14.0.8089.726 virsion workin b4 then suddenly it start saying that i’m not connected to the enternet to i tried to remove and reinstall it , so when i tried to reinstall it, the setup keep giving me the same erorr that i cann’t download the programe unless i was connected to the enter net so i tried to download it againe from the MSN live web site but the link was broken over there ( may be only for me ) but the site react normally , and i tried to download several virsion but all i had found is old one’s and it keep asking for update and when i try updating it won’t do coz i’m not connected to the enter net to them . btw : i tried to fix my broxy , but it didn’t show anything wrong btw 2 : i’m on windows XP SP 3 and i’m connectied by DSL capel , Please help thank you .

  61. abhishek says:

    whan i try to run setup why it’s saying “it’s not a valid win32 application” :(

  62. abhishek says:

    @Sherif – we would like to suggest you to download windows live messenger and install it with web installer and then see whether the same issue appears

  63. OMGFG says:

    who the hell wants to download 120mb++ package just to install windows live messenger?? omg

  64. Zachs says:

    It’s the same thing you need to download every time you use the web installer, with this, you only need to download once. So even if you format, you can still use this to install without downloading again.

  65. imran says:

    I recentely downloaded WLM using a link provided in comments from other website. But the installer is in other language. So i suggest every one who put links pls mention whether it is english or other language

  66. Trent says:

    Downloading now…. REALLY hoping this works… trying to install 14.0.8117 for camera functionality, couldn’t find an offline installer anywhere…..THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! 100000000000 internets to you

  67. Adel says:

    I have downloaded this program successfully from this page : But . when I try to click the icon to install it, it doesn’t open and show me an error message says: ( wlsetup-all.exe is not a valid Win32 application.) . I also tryed to install the program from the official site and it’s size was about 1.5 MB only cause it will install through internet . But even this one showed the same error message.. Why this message appears in the both programs ??? I’m using windows XP SP2, Is my windows corrupted or missing some files ?? Please help me … can you imagine that you download a program with size (155 MB) , then simply it doesn’t work!!! I’m approach to throw my computer from the window . :(

  68. aqwio says:

    hi Adel you have to install the new version of windows installer you can download it from here: this worked for me I hope it’ll work for you

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