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Make Deleted Files Unrecoverable In Windows

We delete some private files in day to day use on our computer, which don’t want some one to recover even by using some recovery softwares. There are two free best programs which helps you overwrite the sections bits of the deleted files so that the recovery of these deleted files becomes impossible.

The first program is called DeepClean and the second one is called Phile Shredder, we will discuss both of them one by one  

DeepClean is a nice piece of a software which does not delete the files on your hard disk, rather it will overwrite the deleted files with null bytes to make the recovery of those deleted or shredded files impossible by any software.


It is quite good and easy to use program to wipe out or shred the files completely from your hard drive. In order to make the recovery of all the deleted files on your computer click clean system button to remove the traces of any deleted files on your computer.

Download DeepClean  

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ViGlance – Windows 7 Taskbar In XP

One of the most amazing feature I liked in windows 7 is it most useful and productive taskbar which consist of iconized taskbar items which can rearranged when and how you feel like arranging them.

The most amazing thing about the windows 7 taskbar is that it no longer displays the name of the programs, on the other hand it displays only icons by default which provides more space for other programs and opened windows to fit in


It will replace the normal taskbar of windows xp with this windows 7 like taskbar which is more beautiful and manageable for different windows and  applications opened. It provide more space and good look feel as compared to the boring looks of windows xp taskbar.

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Free OEM Info Editors For Vista and XP

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, so if you bought a hp computer laptop or  a hp desktop computer, the OEM info displayed in the control panel in system volume information.

Just in case for any reason you want to change this information and take the complete ownership of the computer, or you just to play with it so you can amaze your friend by changing the OEM info with some simple tools which we are going to mention, these tools are FREE to use.

By modifying the OEM info you can change the manufacturer name, Edit OEM logo image, Hardware Upgrade the OEM settings and other OEM info displayed in the Control Panel.

Here are two different OEM editors for windows vista and xp

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Faster Logoff, Reboot, Shutdown From System Tray

ipower is a small but very useful tool which lets you logoff, shutdown and reboot your computer more faster by proving this functionalities in windows system tray.


After running this small tool you will notice a small icon in system tray and it awaits for your double click to do any magic.

You can choose to select any of the three command to get executed for shutdown, reboot and logoff.


After selecting any one of these three options in ipower, you can double click the system tray icon to execute the selected option.

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My Folder To My Computer – Secure Any Folder By Converting It Into My computer Shortcut

My Folder to My Computer is a FREE program which lets you convert any folder on your computer into a shortcut to my computer, in this way you can easily secure the contents inside that folder as if any one clicks on that folder they would be redirected to open My Computer


Not only you can convert that folder into my computer but you can also set a password to secure that folder, moreover you can set a custom message with Message Title and Message which will be see when ever any one try to open that folder.

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Change or Hide The Last Username Logged On Username Dialog Box

Yes, it is possible to hide or change the username of the last user logged on a windows computer, if you landed here searching for the same this is the right place where we will tell you all the ways to hide or change the username logged as the last user logged into registry.


In order to stop windows from showing up the username of the last user logged in successfully you would need to apply a minor registry hack which would prevent windows from displaying the last username logged in windows.

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TweetThisText – Highlight Any Text On Any WebPage and Tweet It On Twitter

TweetThisText is a cool web tool which lets you tweet any text found on any web page on the internet. It has a magical bookmark which lets you highlight and tweet any text as a quote.

TweetThisText is based on the simple idea of sharing quotes on twitter, and this small little tool is the best option to share quotes.


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Move Recycle Bin To System Tray

Some of my friends were very mush annoyed by seeing the useless recycle bin icon on their desktop which they use very less as they are used to shift delete thing on windows, same is the case with me.


One of my friend asked me some time back about, if it is possible to move the recycle bin on the system tray so that it can sit in the taskbar and no more occupies the icon space on the desktop. Moving the recycle bin really make sense for quicker access and to save some icon space on the desktop.

I found a free tiny tool which moves your recycle bin to your system tray, this little utility simply adds recycle bin in system tray in windows taskbar as shown in the image below 


MiniBin is a small executable tool which shows the recycle bin just when you double click the exe file, we would recommend that you place this executable in windows startup if you want access recycle bin from system tray.

Now, you need to hide the desktop icon of recycle bin so it does not take up additional icon space on your desktop.

Here is the step by step procedure to show / hide recycle bin desktop icon in windows vista and xp