Superfast shutdown utility for windows xp and windows vista to shutdown your system instantly.

If you have ever wished for a faster shutdown your Windows 2000 , Windows XP or Windows Vista computer system ?

But Don’t worry Now you can shutdown your windows system with in a fraction of a second! You Just need to install Super Fast Shutdown so click on one of the desktop icons created to reboot or shutdown instantly.

Note: Don’t try to shutdown your system with lots of application already opened.

Download Superfast Shutdown 


  1. says

    No need to install any software for this simple task.
    Hit Ctrl + R for RUN
    Type regedit to open up the registry editor.
    Navigate to the
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER >>>>>> Control Panel >>>>>> Desktop.
    There set the key “AutoEndTasks” to the value 1.
    And you are done.

  2. says

    well i knw we can do it with this way also but there are lots of users who don’t want to play with the registry..nyways thanks

  3. sanjeev singhal says

    dear sir i am use ur utility but the computer is not remotely shutdown given the message access denied & itself shutdown

  4. says

    @sanjeev singhal – you can’t remotely shutdown unless you have the admin privileges and remote configured to do so.

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