Remove ads from windows live messenger with Live Advert Remover

If you use windows live messenger you could be annoyed already by all those advertisements banners, Live Advert Remover or MSN Advert Removal works on almost all the versions of live and msn messengers to remove all the ads which gets displayed in the messenger interface.

All these advertisement banner in windows live messenger consume a percentage of your internet bandwidth but Live Advert Remover lets you save that bandwidth.


You need to run Live Advert Remover only once to "patch" your system, I got to know about Live Advert Remover when I first installed windows live messenger and after running it I see that advertisement banner in windows live messenger.

Live advert remover for windows live messenger, will not make the default Live Messenger banner disappear but the banner will remain intact, but simply it will never be replaced by any other advertisement.

Note: Live Advert Remover or MSN Advert Removal cannot remove any advertisement if Messenger Plus! plugin is installed on your system. 

If you want to go to next step and want to customise windows live messenger more like,

  • Remove Email Button
  • Remove My Space Button
  • Remove Search Bar
  • Remove windows Logo

then, you should check out this awesome article by Nirmal to customize windows live messenger more.

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