Password Revealer – Free Portable Password Revealer | Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisks

Password Revealer is a small FREE tool (only 65KB) which lets you see most of the password typed in various password box in different password dialog windows of various programs.


In order to reveal any password, you just need bring the password box on the screen, run portable password revealer and click reveal.

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This small password revealer does not need any installation so you place it any where or take it anywhere on your USB pen drive or any other portable device.

Please Note: some antivirus programs may mark this program as a "Potentially unwanted program". This is to let you know that if it is left on your computer without you knowing it, that someone with access to your computer may have used it to reveal your passwords.

Note: Password Revealer is NOT a virus, nor does it contain viruses.

Download Portable Password Revealer


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