Links2Tray – Access Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera Bookmarks In System Tray

Links2Tray is a small utility which sits in your system tray (near the clock). It will display a menu of bookmarks combining Internet Explorer Favourites, Bookmarks From FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera


It allows a quick access to the bookmarks of all the browsers installed on your computer. Choose the browser of your choice with which you want to open these bookmarks in Links2Tray menu.

It also offers a new recently added feature Dump Popup Windows which acts as a popup blocker so the annoying popup windows mostly containing advertisement will be automatically closed and blocked.

Note: Links2Tray uses FireFox bookmarks.html to retrieve the data to build the bookmarks menu. But FireFox 3 no longer stores bookmarks.html So, you will have to instruct firefox 3 to do so. Follow the procedure below

1. Open FireFox 3 and and type about:config in the address bar and press enter.

2. Accept the warning and type browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML in filter box.


3. Double click on it to set it to true. Close Firefox.

After doing this Firefox 3 will save its bookmarks as Bookmarks.html every time it is closed and Links2Tray will be able to build menu of Firefox 3 bookmarks menu after then. 

Download Links2Tray

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