How to transfer songs and videos from pc to ipod without using iTunes.

Yes, you can easily transfer songs and videos directly from your pc (personal computer) to your ipod without using iTunes .But  you should know why you have to use iTunes in order to transfer songs and videos from your computer to ipod.

Why ?

it is because ipod is not like a normal mp3 player in which to add songs you simply drag an drop but when it comes to ipod songs  database needs to be updated in order that the added songs to be recognized by ipod.

You can simply use some softwares like Yamipod or Sharepod  in order to transfer songs/videos from your pc these are really simple program as compared to ipod and you don’t need to install them as they are portable can be launch anywhere directly from you ipod connected to any computer .

Download Yamipod | Download Sharepod


  1. leandros says

    hi ihave i pod nano 2G
    i have itunes in my pc imake update to my pc 7.4 itunes and doesnt work
    he say Unable to instal te GEARspiWDM service use by the GEAR driver set is scheduled to be deleted……….pls help me

  2. faiyaz says

    hi dear

    i have iphone 3g 16gb i want use i tunes and ipod i dont know how so any body plzz help me. is there any cd with iphone for software i didnt get this cd from uenders

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