How to restore show desktop icon in quick launch in windows xp

This post is reply to one of the reader vaibhav who has accidentally deleted the show desktop icon in the quick launch bar.( sorry for the delayed reply but i was somewhat engaged in some work)

So below is a step by step procedure to restore show desktop.

Method 1: 

  • Start >> Run >> type Notepad and enter
  • Write the following code in Notepad and save as Show Desktop.scf


  • Drag the file to the Quick Launch bar.

  • You have restored Show Desktop icon.

Method 2:

Second way to restore show desktop icon in quick launch bar:-

  • Click Start >> Run and type “regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32.dll“(without double quotes) and press enter.
  • Check all the entries there will be show desktop again.

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