How to install Linux in dual boot configuration with vista on your computer with preinstalled vista.

September 2, 200712 Comments

You can simply install linux on your computer with preinstalled windows vista by following the simple step by step process listed below.

Step by Step Procedure To install Linux With Vista 

1. Boot in Vista and go to – right-click My Computer>>Manage>>Disk Management.

2. Right-click on the main Vista partition and select Shrink Volume.


3. Enter the shrink size and it will reduce the volume of the primary partition, leaving the rest of the disk free as unpartitioned space.

4. Now Boot Up with Linux setup cd or dvd and simply install linux on the new unallocated partition.

5. That it. As you will see entry of vista in the default bootloader of linux by slecting that you will be able to boot vista with no problems.

If You have any problems in following the procedure below leave a comment here.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I cant even get the dvd to boot with the ubuntu on the dvd. When I reboot my pc doesnt show anything to press to boot from cd or dvd so what can I do since I cant install ubuntu?

  2. tamal says:

    I was trying to installl fedora 6 and could not see vista partitions at all in the boot loader of fedora 6. it said it did not recognize the HDD. how can i proceed?

  3. Kamal George says:

    When I try the shrink volume option I always get the size a zero and hence I cannot proceed further. Please let me know what could be the problem.

  4. Travis says:

    I have the same problem as Kamal. For the C: drive shrink option it gives me the size zero. Even if I can’t shrink it, I have 15 or 16 GB left, will that be enough? I think I might need to get an external HDD soon, but I would like it if I didn’t have to. Thanks!

  5. Murali.P says:

    I want to install Linux in Sony Vaio Laptop with preloaded Vista OS . I did the shrinking procedure for installing Linux in Vista device manager. But when i insatll Linux ( Ubuntu , Fedora Core etc ) . It will hang up in during insatllation . How to solve this problem.

  6. Panda says:

    So…how to delete the linux partition in Vista?

  7. abhishek says:

    @Panda – you need to just delete the linux partition from vista and format it with a windows file system and then boot your pc with bootable vista dvd and fix the master boot record. If you are not able to so it…i would love to make a detailed post on it.

  8. Vista love and hater says:

    My shrink has 58mb, is this good or bad when partitioning?

  9. Vista love and hater says:

    I have 769 Unallocated space, can I install Ubuntu or no?

  10. Raja says:

    it’s not a comment…I don’t know how to contact you ..This my problem.I’m using Dell inspiron 1520 vista home premium…it has a problem in repair mode. that is ‘ system restore,system back up,factory restore window doesn’t open ‘ instead of it shows error message winpeshl.exe… windows can not load the windows component in shell32.dll…pls help to resolve this error..i’m very thankful to you…

  11. amar says:

    it’s not a comment ………. it’s my problem rather,actually I’m using hp pavilion dv2401TU series notebook with windows vista home premium when I install linux along with vista it shows me grub error and after restarting neither vista nor linux operates so plzzzzzzzzz help me in sorting out this problem to how to repair the grub error……………….

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