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December 23, 20081 Comment

I was just browsing some way to get a Santa Hat on my twitter profile, then I tweeted about the same and some of my followers told me to do some picture editing with two pictures one is my twitter avtar picture and second is the santa hat picture.

But Frankly I don’t know how to use some good tools they suggested like Photoshop, even i tried in Microsoft Paint but was not able to do it, then I started searching about how to get santa hat on my twitter avtar profile pic.

After some searching I came to know about some free web service called Twixenate ~ Twitter Profile Picture Editor which helped me to put santa hat on my twitter avatar pic.

Twixenate -Twitter-Profile-Picture-Editor   

Let’s me tell how to use this free web tool to get a santa hat on your twitter avatar picture.

1. Go to this link (Twixenate ~ Twitter Profile Picture Editor)


2. Under the text Step 1. Enter Your Twitter Username, it will retrieve your twitter profile avatar picture 

3. Now click Santa Hats under the text Step 2. Edit Your Profile Picture 

4. Adjust the santa hat on your twitter profile picture and click Save Changes

5. Not it ask your twitter password to update your twitter avatar picture directly, now either enter your twitter password or right click on the new image and save it your computer and upload it yourself to your twitter profile.

Note: You can do lot more other things with tool on your twitter avatar pic so keep exploring Twixenate ~ Twitter Profile Picture Editor. 

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    Merry Christmas !

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