Free Rapidshare Downloader For Free

It is really annoying for free users on rapidshare to download files from rapidshare, as rapidshare does not allow free users to download multiple files.

Rapidshare Download Accelerator (via allows you to download multiple files form rapidshare for free, without paying money for a premium account.


I have tested this rapidshare downloader with some files it worked in my case when i tried downloading some files simultaneously from rapidshare as a free user.

You can try, but I cannot assure this software will work definitely, even if you are not able to do simultaneous downloads you can at least use it to download files one by one.

Download Rapidshare Download Accelerator


  1. Drajat AG says

    in my computer do not worked

    “The Aplication failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).” ….

    but thanks Abhishek :)

  2. Sumit Gupta says

    hey.. thnx for this…
    a really wanted this kinda software on which i jst copy paste the links and its d software which waits n start downloading itself…

    i hv put some files on download….
    lets see whether it’ll work or not..

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