Free News Screensaver – MappedUp

Many of us use screensavers for our computer when we set our computer idel for some time, MappedUp is a cool FREE screensaver which is actually made up of modern world map and continuously popping up with some interesting news going around the world.


In order to customise mapped up you will need to sign up, so that you can personalise the RSS feeds that appear on the screensaver, but it is not necessary.

This screensaver is quite innovative way to get some latest updates from all around the world, it also includes the time and date as well while displaying news from feeds.

MappedUp is free from any adware, spyware and malware etc, is completely clean to install and use.

Download Free News Screensaver


  1. Casey says

    WARNING! Do not try and install this software on OS X! It will delete the entire contents of whichever folder you run it from. I just had all of the files in my Downloads folder erased. It is also classic software and will not even run on current versions of OS X.

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