Drag and Drop To Upload Files To Windows Sky Drive

Windows Sky Drive is one of the free service by Microsoft which lets you upload files, pictures, music and video online. Windows Sky Drive offers a disk space of 25 GB which is very sufficient to upload even big files through web.

But when it comes to upload the process involves some navigation clicks and then you need to browse the files which you want to upload, this process is very monotonous for some users.

Windows sky drive does not support any upload tool to upload files but there is simple way with you can upload files and folders just by dragging an dropping.


Windows sky drive drag and drop upload function will work in Internet Explorer but may not work with other browsers like firefox or google chrome.

Let’s see how can you use the drag and drop functionality in windows sky drive.

1. Go to hotmail.com in Internet Explorer, sign in your hotmail account.

2. Now, click more in the top navigation after signing in.


3. Select the folders to upload the files and click Add Files, it will redirect to a page where you will see big rectangle in which you can drag and drop files to upload.


Drag and Drop files in the rectangle below which says Drop more files here after dragging the first file and press Upload.

With these trick you don’t need to browse to locate the files to upload to your sky drive, I hope you like the trick. :)


  1. says

    check out http://www.gladinet.com. There is a beta program allowing you to mount SkyDrive as a virtual folder in windows explorer. You can do drag and drop without a browser. Good for Firefox users.

  2. Time Warner Cable overcharges says

    gladinet is BLOATWARE and infests your system.. while it’s not malware it’s bloody poorly designed…. nice idea try again hire a competent developer

    get the firefox extension: dragdropupload

    to make dragging A GROUP of files to the upload fields easier


    I’ve been using an implementation of it for years over many versions of firefox.

    IE8 still cannot hold a candle to firefox.

    Only firefox sports http://EasyList.adblockplus.org and a whole HOST of brilliant adblocking- and adhiding tools. IE8 falls waaaaaaaaaay short of the barely sufficient mark. Even Iron Chromium has better adblocking options than IE8

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