Everything you need to know about Firefox OS

Well, I know most of the reader and the users must be wondering about the new Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS which is also codenamed as ‘Boot To Gecko’. The most distinguishing feature of this mobile OS is that it has been built on the HTML5 platform, the technology with the help of which we watch videos on YouTube and see all the web-services working on the websites which initially used flash. Let me enumerate that how is it actually different and where can you expect this to win your hearts and turn you off.


Distinguishing Features

The best and the obvious part is that it is Open Source OS like Android and it uses HTML5 web language to build all the applications. This makes it really comfortable for the developers to code because it lifts all the restrictions which the devs are facing these days while working on other platforms (sorry, I cannot be more specific).

In other words I can say that this OS is like a web-app which already has the access and the permissions to the hardware of your phone and the other application which will be accessed on this OS will act like other web-apps. So this means that various screen visible on those application will be the web-pages.

So the good part for the users is that the web applications acquire less amount of storage on your mobile phone rather all the stuff is done over internet and the fluidity of the functionality of this application depends on the speed of the internet connectivity. Finally this may take over the most horrendous problem of UI lag in Android phones.

I cannot make a brutal comment but if the internet dependence is high then again it becomes the negative part of the OS, which may turn off the user, as Cellular data charges will be high and if by any chance you can’t access the cellular data at some place (which happens most of the times in most of the developing countries where low-end Android market is strong) will make your phone useless as none of the applications will work on the phone. I expect that they must be having some solution to this issue.

Usage of Firefox OS phone

  • If you want to unlock the phone, then it will come with a default security code of ‘0000’, you will be able to remove this security phone lock if you want.
  • The screenshot is very easy to take and has the conventional method of pressing lock button and home button at the same time and then it will be saved in the screenshot named folder of your internal storage.
  • The Firefox phones will have 3 buttons, one for the Home screen, second one will be the volume rocker and the last one will be the power button.

Recommended Specification

The recommended hardware specifications for this OS is a processor with the architecture of A5 or above, Adreno 200 or better, 3G and Wifi (must) and the other common sensors like Accelerometer, proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor and A-GPS.

Search Across All Open Tabs In Firefox With Tabby2

Large number of browsers are available which provides different features and users choose their particular browser according to the needs, requirements and the features that the browser provides. One among these browsers is Firefox which due to its various distinct features is popular among users from different domains. If you are also using this browser then you might have experienced a scenario where you have lots of tabs open in the browser and you try to find ways to improve the browser’s tab management capabilities but can’t help it. Here, if we see deeply then the core issue which almost every user face is that part of the open tabs are hidden from view, and that it may take lots of scrolling to get there which looks like a tedious task for the user.

So, for such scenario although there are some of the built-in options which may prove helpful in handling or mitigating the issue, but still for a casual user it may appear a bit difficult. This solution can be obtained by altering the browsers minimum tab width on order to display more tabs at the same time. But, as we said it is not a proper solution for casual users. So, we present you with a small add-on which may prove to be lot helpful in this scenario.

The Firefox add-on Tabby2 is a nice, little and a useful add-on which offers different approach than the one discussed above. This extension which is present with your browser displays a complete list of all the open extension on the screen whenever the user uses its shortcut. You may observe that the list shown by this add-on displays all the open tabs at the bottom of the screen.


This add-on can be easily downloaded from the link given below and once you install it, than you may observe that only the tabs of the active Firefox window are displayed by it. You may also see the filter at the bottom of the screen which can be used to find specific pages quickly and it is really helpful for the user. This filter make use of the page title as well as of the web address.

Now, if we see how it works than we may observe that a simple left-click on the tab in the list switches automatically to that tab in the browser which the user wants to be displayed. Similarly, the other two which are the middle-click and the right-click opens a blank new tab in the browser or delete the active tab automatically.

You may see that these options highlight the keyboard shortcuts for creating (Insert) and deleting (Delete) tabs as well. The functions are only available when the tab list is open.


So, overall we can say that it is a nice little add-on which may prove to be helpful for you. Just Download it from the link given below and try it out for its features.

Download Tabby2

Change Web Page Content, Remove Items Before Giving Final Print Commands [Firefox]

It is generally required by the people to edit the webpage to take the desired content before printing it. Unfortunately, conventional browsers do not allow this feature. However, modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox facilitates you with the feature. It will help you to easily edit components of the webpage before printing it. Here, I would like to review Print Edit which is a Mozilla Firefox add-on feature and can be easily downloaded from the internet.

The add-on is a small freeware of 25 KB only. Once the add-on is installed in the Browser, the Print Preview mode of the browser can be entered. The webpage can be edited now. And, it will happen in the print preview mode only by clicking on the Edit button. The Edit button is available in the menu near the close button in the print preview mode.


The above snapshot shows the browser in the print preview mode. The add-on provides numerous options. There are various editing commands inbuilt which includes selecting, deleting section, hiding section and formatting section. It also has Hide Except and Delete Except features which are used to hide or delete parts of the page which are not selected by the user.

Click on the Edit button to proceed. The new window will be opened as shown below.


Select any portion of the page. It will activate the various options as shown on the menu bar of the browser. It includes Deselect, Format, Hide, Delete, Delete Except, Options, Preview and Close. Select any one of the given options to carry out the editing in the required manner.

The working and use of the add on can be followed as. Click on the Hide button to hide the portion which is selected. Similarly, use the delete button to delete it. The only difference between Hide and Delete is that Hide keeps the position of the other sections constant, while the delete option shifts the position of various sections. The comparison between the Hide option and the Delete option has been clearly shown in the snapshots below.

Hide Option:


Delete Option:


The options Hide except and Delete Except are going to the same operations but on the sections, which are not selected by the user. The Options button contains several options, namely Display Appearances, Highlight Box, Select Boxes, Format Properties, and Hide and Undo options.

So, one can always change the configuration as per the likings. View the page as you want it to be. This will surely make the use of Mozilla Firefox interesting. It is designed to work with Firefox 3.6 – 4.0b6.

Download Print Edit

Block Websites To Load In Firefox Browser

Some of the websites are so common and popular that each time you access the internet, you may have experienced that those websites are always accessed. So, for this reason many users make use of the history of their web browser, as it provides them with faster and easier access to websites which they regularly visit or which they have visited in the recent past. But, on the other hand there are many users who prefer and who want to block their web-browser’s history either completely or partially so that their private content must be secured and no one should even know which all pages they visited. So, for this there are several utilities available which can be downloaded from the Internet and thus can be used to block that history.

One of such small add-on which has been especially developed for the users who uses Firefox as their web-browser is used to serve this above mentioned purpose. Firefox History Block add-on is a small-sized, light weight and a pretty useful add-on which allows the user to specify websites or domains that should not be added to the Firefox history. Leaving apart these web-pages, every other website and domain is added to the Firefox history normally just like any normal page in a normal browser.


Whenever you want to add more websites and domain to this list, then they can be simply added by opening the options in the Firefox add-on menu which gives users the opportunity to block urls from being displayed in the Firefox history. In that same menu, there are options which offer the means to unblock websites which can be done in exactly the same way, they are blocked.


You may download the add-on from the below given link and after installing it you will observe that HistoryBlock is a simple and yet very useful add-on for Firefox which lets you block specific domains from being saved to the browsing history as already mentioned. So, overall we can say that you can visit your private sites with the secured data without the fear of any external threat and that too by using the normal mode in Firefox and yet it will not be saved to the history.

One way to add the websites to blocked list is the one which I mentioned above and the other one is that you can simply right click on any open website and then select the option “Block this” to add to the list. If you look into the working of this add-on then you may observe that this tool, i.e. HistoryBlock keeps all the blacklisted data hashed, so the about:config page from where the history entry is made, will not reveal any information to anyone who gains access to your computer. So, finally we can say that HistoryBlock blocks all the history entries, recently closed tab entries, download manager entries, all the cache entries and all the cookie entries.

Download HistoryBlock

Save, Download Facebook Albums Photos, Pictures Of Any Facebook User

Today, social networking has become one of the most important and widely used service on the internet. Various social networking sites are available on the internet, among which Facebook is one of the most popular one. A large number of users who already have an account on this site use various features available on the website. Various forms are provided in which users share information among each other in the form of messages, photos, videos, etc. But, downloading and uploading of these photo albums have always been a tedious task for the users as it consumes lot of time.

Earlier, for uploading a photo album, the user was allowed to upload only five photos at a time. This was a boring and a time-consuming task for the user. But, as Facebook launched its new photo up loader, with some new features, it then allows the user to add photos in a bulk which made it a lot easier task for the users. However, for downloading the photo album, it still consumed lot of time and effort. For this, Firefox introduced a new extension which makes the task lot easier by allowing the user to download all photos in an album without using any other tool.


Fuschipraine is a newly launched Firefox extension that allows the user to do so. It provides an easy and simple way to download photo albums from the Facebook website from either user’s profile or from any other profile of someone who is there in the user’s friends list. In order to download an album, firstly install this extension in your Firefox browser. Then right-click on the album which you want to download and select the option of Fuschipranie’s Download. It will ask you to mention either a prefix for the image names or to copy the image with the same name as it is there on the Facebook site. After this, it will ask you to specify the location, where you want to save the album. Either you can provide of a folder which is already present in your system or on the other hand you may also make a new folder and can provide its path to save photo album in that one.

One of the good feature of this extension is that it download the photos in their original format and you may see them without any need to unzip them. So, download this new extension from below given link and install it to download the photo albums very quickly from the Facebook website.

Download Fuschipraine