Remove Invalid Entries From Add Remove Program List

It happens some times when you try to remove a specific program installed on your windows computer by running uninstall through Add Remove Programs in Control Panel but you cannot remove the program instead it remains there in the add remove programs list and you cannot remove it.


So you delete the associated files and directories of that program but still it remains there in the Add Remove Programs Entries as an invalid entry

Today we will tell you two methods to remove those invalid entries from add remove programs list, first one is a geeky way out and second one is quite simple with a free utility.

Lets see how can you apply these methods to remove invalid entries from add remove program list

Geeky Way ( Method 1 )

1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and press Enter Key

2. Navigate to the following path


Under this key you can see the sub key for each program installed. Right Click the programs entries you want to remove from Add Remove Programs list.

Simple Method ( Method 2 )

Add Remove Program Cleaner is cool free utility provided by famous IntelliAdmin, it allows you to remove any invalid entries from your add remove program list.

Invalid Entries occurs when a program installed on your computer is not uninstalled properly, you may have deleted the files of the program form C:\Program Files rather than uninstalling it form Add/ Remove Programs


Add Remove Program Cleaner will let you remove those invalid entries from add remove program list in control panel

It should be used to remove only those entries which are broken and cannot be removed by running normal uninstall procedure through Add Remove Programs in control panel

Note: Add Remove Program Cleaner works with both windows XP and Vista     

Download Add Remove Programs Cleaner


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