Access blocked, banned websites like orkut, myspace, facebook from school or office part 1.

Almost most of us normally face the situation when we try access a particular website like orkut, myspace, facebook and any other banned website from school, college or office we get the message at the browser which normally says “This Website is blocked“.

So ,Today i will share the solution:

” How to get access to the websites like orkut , facebook and myspace etc. from your work location part 1. “

Well there are numerous number of ways to do this is to use some free proxy server address that you can hunt for but most of the time they don’t work and if they work you can’t use them for a long time

So one of the most effective method is to use some free proxy software like JAP (Java Anonymity and Proxy ) which switches the proxy server address automatically and lets you connected all the time.

If you like to know how you can use JAP for connecting to blocked websites check out here

But still some of people like Larith from UAE doesn’t find JAP a good option as it is very slow in connecting to various blocked websites and banning of various social networking websites is also at a very high strength in UAE.

So for those who are not able to connect to the banned websites with JAP can use CCProxy which is another free proxy software which enables you set up your own proxy server and realize Internet connection sharing within 10 minutes.

What is CCProxy?

Proxy Server CCProxy lets all computers on the LAN access Internet through one single Internet connection. Just need to install Proxy Server CCProxy on the server which can access Internet directly and the other PC clients can connect to the Internet through the proxy software.

But what if you don’t have any server which has a direct connection to internet. Don’t Worry you can still access blocked websites using CCProxy software.

Below you can find the step by step solution to connect to any banned or blocked website using CCProxy

1. Download and install CCProxy on your computer.

2. Run CCProxy and then click the Hide Button on the CCProxy interface.

3. Now you need to configure your browser lets say Internet Explorer in your case to use CCProxy to access blocked websites at your workplace.

4. Open IE (internet explorer) go to file menu>>tools>>internet options , now click on the connections tab

5. Click “LAN Settings”, and configure according the snapshots given below.


then click the advanced button


6. That’s it Done

Download CCProxy


  1. says

    Even in my college orkut is banned, tried some proxies, i was able to check the account, but not able to scrap or reply to others. i will try this and see if this works or not. i will hope for the best. :)

  2. wasivaa says

    hellow, i used jap, and itis worked sucsesfully, but in my college we use WIRELESS LAN how can i deal with this, i cant change the proxy server address, please help me,

  3. Hairaan says

    i cant download files more than 15 mb o my college network….. if i use proxies, download speed drops very badly….. i usually have to download 100mb files….. how do i do that????? i have heard of a software that cracks into main server and removes the ban…. anyone knows of any such software.??? please help me…. reply me on my email….

    my email

  4. trista says

    can somebody please rite mean email on how to get on myspace?
    like from skool?
    i need some proxys that will help me out.
    and if any one knows one that is called sumthing kite?
    if so let me kno..
    thanx email me
    dont laf i didnt make my email

  5. says

    Yes!!!!!!!! It may be a good solution.But what for those who can`t download & install ccproxy and whatever……????? You should try to make a proxy server that helps us to not only to access to blocked sites but also to change your records in them.

  6. Creamly says

    Unblocking any site is becoming more and more important concerning to our government policy. I’m using VPN service. Good service with good facilities. I’m able now to bypass censorship and to access any site, like myspace or bebo. Nice connection without any bandwidth charges. Real 24*7 support.

  7. Pawan says


    I am not able to download the ccproxy, and I got some proxy address. Nothing is working to access the blocked sites. Any solution………………………………….

  8. Sally says

    Well thats just great, i took all info in to account and decided to download the LAN… great but the website to download the software from is also banned!!! lol what a joke!

    I have been solidly searching for a website to access facebook on… i found a few but there incredibly slow and you can barely do any thing on them!!!

    Mayb i should just give up all hope!! lol

  9. suhail says

    Hi all,
    I am in office, and i can’t use the proxy servers not the JAP, the reason is we are not suppose to download any SW..Please help me out.

  10. Punkil Patel says

    I want to access Gmail at work and i know a lot of proxy websites however the admin settings are such that any URL Names with proxy (Word) in it would not be able to access. Any one has a proxy site with different URL? If yes please please send it to me at

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  11. r0fe says

    I’ve try to do just like at the above but something like this appeared;
    ‘The proxy server blocks the external users’ connections. Your IP address is’

    What happened?

  12. DAMAN BIR SINGH says


  13. ankit says

    i can’t download this software from my college. plz send me this software by e-mail. my email address is

  14. Richy114 says

    i cant get onto bebo at my school can sum1 see if they can get a proxy for larbert high that actually works …………

    cheers :-D

  15. Ringtone says

    The above tip using CCProxy is not working. After doing the above described setps, when I opent IE I am getting the below message;

    Unauthorized …
    IP Address:
    MAC Address:
    Server Time:
    Auth Result: The proxy server blocked the external users’ connections.

    Please advice….

  16. arussa says

    i go to school and they have blocked websites like bebo and facebook if i try to download i cant do that if i try other ways to go on them it down work could u give me such a cheat to get on their without it being blocked plz

  17. dennis says

    i cant use any of these proxy sites!!
    school blocks all proxy sites im trying to figure out how to use
    email me at
    for solutions

  18. chandru says

    i tried all the steps above mentioned but when i open the IE page getting an error

    Unauthorized …
    IP Address:
    MAC Address:
    Server Time: 2008-12-06 19:38:05
    Auth Result: The proxy server blocked the external users’ connections.

  19. bijendar says

    i have downloded ccproxy but when i am installing it, it is showing ” you must be logged in as an administrator when installing this programme ” so, in this situation what should i do.

  20. SAMUEL says

    Hmmm bro , i am using ultra surf rt now on idea prepaid to access free net!!!! And it works like a charm any other software???? Which can serve the same ????
    Thanx ;)

  21. Macaire says

    please i can check my mail in yahoo.
    i have ultrasurf 9.0
    please help me
    my mail is

  22. navin says

    i have used ultrasurf,gpass,jap,etc in my college to bypass firewall.we have BlueCoat firewall enabled on our network and we use proxy 172.*.*.* 8080 to access internet and we are given the username and password for the same. in ultrasurf there is no option for proxy authentication and also HTTP Tunnel is not working.few days back Freegate was working very nicely, but recently the company has stopped free usage of freegate.even ccproxy is not working.web proxies like kkproxy are already blocked.Tor is also not working. Pls suggest me a solution for the same. I will be really thankful to u.

  23. supriya says

    Need GMAIL proxy .
    Even download’s are blocked . so no use of JAP or CCPROXY …

    please letme know if there is any other way to my id

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Kaela says

    Okay, well I use the site called, but it wont let me log into myspace.
    So if anyone has a website simmilar to uglyfudge email me. Please and thank you.

  25. lindsay says

    i am in the school called ADHS in almounte i was wondering if someone can email me a website that they didnt block off if you email me my address is

  26. devi says

    Hi I have tried the thing CCproxy at my college but it didnt work & its showing a mesage

    Unauthorized …
    IP Address:
    MAC Address:
    Server Time: 2009-03-07 12:02:40
    Auth Result: The proxy server blocked the external users’ connections.

  27. Федор Малкин says

    А я посмотрю, Вы как всегда немногословны ;)

  28. Anil says

    I m ANil From Delhi sir actually my office IT team block the orkut with SONIWALL so could u please help me for byepass the sonicwall

  29. sina says

    hi there im leaving in uae and i cannot access some website because the network provider are blocking the site ,, can u help me in this problem or can u give me some tiops how to access? thankyou and more power

  30. nhojsky says

    hi can someone help me with this. how can i view the wireless pass phrase of my wireless connection? my friend connects my notebook to a wireless network and i want to connect another notebook but i cant figure it our the pass phrase that my friend use. please help me. my email add.

  31. khadeer says

    hi there i’m indian just got a job in saudia i’m addicted to but now in saudia when ever i try open governament bloked the site i just dono what to do all my friends are in contact in tagged but i find a way i tryed the ccproxy its the same again jap same as well i need something big i think i dont know bro please help

  32. says

    I am in office.Here IT service blocked orkut & other proxy site .Please tell me can i open from other site or any other way?
    Please help me

  33. diwakar rai says

    i want to open in my office but due to lan security system i am unable to open.

    so plz suggest me an idea.

  34. Aamir says

    Can some one help me to access facebook from office i dont have the permission to install ny software can u guys help me with some backdoors for facebook……mail me on

  35. Devesh says

    hi guys n gals….
    Guys trust me yar….I tried all the sites bt i m not able to opuen my orkut account in Dubai…Earlier i ws using U89…bt it is also nt wrking nw….
    cn any one help me….

  36. Sumedh says

    Hey im in my coll download is limited to 10 MB so i cant download it on my machine and in our IT Lab the workstations are just dumb terminals…with linux as the OS n virtually no memory…so how can i access orkut n face booK???

  37. says

    As of today the latest version of Hotspot shield no longer works. The Chinese government seems to be continuing their efforts to ensure that all these blocked sites remain inaccessible to all of us living here. I’m only able to access these blocked sites using Freedur.

  38. sudharsan says

    thanx for de info…but…in ma coll opening exe files is blocked….how to access crack those exe blockers…pls reply…

  39. faeez says

    Hi I have tried the thing CCproxy at my college but it didnt work & its showing a message…

    Unauthorized …
    IP Address:
    MAC Address:
    Server Time: 2010-01-14 01:16:35
    Auth Result: The proxy server blocked the external users’ connections.

    if somebody out there know other software that have function similar as ccproxy please let me know…

    my id ….

  40. aimeev says

    ummmm ineed help findin a WORKING website for myspace……NEED HELP FONNA DIE FRM NOT CHECKIN MY MAIL:)….

  41. says

    i m not able to access my G-mail account. whenever i m trying to login it
    says invalid id or password. i m sure my login id and password is correct.
    If anyone can help then please mail me on

  42. amir shamshad says

    hey guys plz tell my how i can open blocked sites in ma office…i am already use proxy fer internet in office but facebook is blocked now…i cant use other proxy to open facebook bcoz if i ll use another proxy i cant be able to connect internet

  43. azfer zakaria khan says

    em living in pakistan and the proxy of facebook is blocked here plz tell me how i can use facebook.
    mail me :

  44. Wasim says

    I have installed CCProxy and set IE according to given snap shots but still i am unable to use Facebook and it is giving this error.

    Unauthorized …

    IP Address:
    MAC Address:
    Server Time: 2010-05-31 13:17:53
    Auth Result: The proxy server blocked the external users’ connections.

  45. butt says

    sir i am muscat here most of the site r banned can any one help me how to open banned site . if any software abailable in the market plz tell us r share with us any proxy thanks

  46. Himanshu says

    in my college ban on orkut and facebook .so how can access this both sites.plz help me …thank u…

  47. Tayelor says

    i’ve tried to download the CCproxy and everythig and its blocking the site too download the proxy. its stupid. if anyone knows another way to do this could you PLEASE help me. cause i can hardley even study cause of all the sites are blocked. plus i would like to check my facebook athome but i cant. stuupidddd! :\

  48. Shrikant Pednekar. says

    sir i am from India, here most of the site r banned, can any one help me how to open banned site like (facebook, linkedin, orkut) . pls. send me the software to open it. pls. help me..

  49. waqar says

    just download Hotsotsheld from google
    may be your server do not let you download n 3 or 4 frst searches but it is available on googlee for free now install will appear in your below Icon tray.right click and clik connect and wait untill it apears as frem red to enjoy no bloking…

  50. Shahid says

    In my university facebook is banned and my computer is also on domain and forti client software is installed that blocked the any proxy that i am going to use on it. please help me how i can open my facebook account on it

  51. Website says

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