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Technix Update is a very well known computer tips and tricks blog.  It shares all types computer tips and tricks, various registry tweaks, tricks, various productive applications and programs and each everything about computers and internet.

It also features important computer related news, events, web services, web tricks, Internet related tips and tricks. It has a large variety of useful articles which help make your life easier by helping you use your computer smartly.

Abhishek Bhatnagar (Author, Admin, Chief Editor)

Hi, I’m Abhishek, A Professional blogger by passion, Software Engineer and Microsoft MVP. I love to write about useful computer tips & tricks.

Apart form Abhishek, we have a team of Authors who work with us on this blog, below is a mention about them.

Technixmedia Team

Abhinav (Author) – He is software engineer currently working in a software company in bangalore.

Kashish (Author) – He is a computer geek who write for us on occasional basis on tech, he is a android lover he mostly writes about android apps reviews and other gadget related stuff.

Ayushi (Author ) – She is a pursing her MBA from delhi, she mostly writes about software reviews and other tech related news here on this blog.

Shoumesh ( Author) – He is a software engineer working in a company, he loves to software reviews for windows.

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