Windows Screen Magnifier + Annotation Program

Now-a-days any person working in a company is subjected to a lot of problems while giving detailed Presentations in front of a bunch or a few 100 people if in an auditorium, which are related to making the spectators understand what the person is explaining. Almost every presentation requires a detailed explanation of the subject being produced, for which a lot of zooming tools are used. Windows Magnifier is also one of them and is used by laymen in giving small presentations.

But operating such utilities is a problem since they require a window to be opened, in which you need to click some buttons and then the desired portion of the screen gets magnified. Another problem arising with Windows Magnifier is that it occupies some space of the screen where it zooms the required area. All these tools could bring embarrassment during presentations if don’t work properly and to overcome such mishaps a new tool known as ZoomIt has been released which according to us is the best tool developed for detailed technical presentations.

It occupies very little space in your hard drive since it is 270 kbs in size and is very useful with a lot of functions accessible at a press of a single hotkey. The utility apart from a zooming tool is an annotation tool as well which runs in background and can be minimized to the system tray unlike other softwares. Another important feature is that while zooming a particular section you can even draw using a brush,create blocks for highlighting an image or text, draw arrows and type letters.

To perform various functions supported by the software some default key combinations are already provided and they are as follows:

  • Ctrl  +  1
  • Ctrl  +  2
  • Ctrl  +  4

ZoomIt detailing

The Functions Performed By Above Mentioned Key Combinations

Ctrl  +  1   =>     This hotkey zooms into the screen and provides you a zoomed Image of the screen where you cannot click on any button or file but any sort of annotations can be worked on, like writing , drawing blocks or drawing arrows or lines etc.

Ctrl  +  2  =>     This combination does not zooms into the screen rather it lets you make annotations like drawing boxes, arrows,lines, adding text etc on the same scale.

Ctrl  +  4  =>    This function is supported only when Aero theme is enabled on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system.

And Pressing the ESC key will bring the computer back to its original state.

Various Annotations Which Can Be Performed

First Step is to zoom the screen if needed by pressing Ctrl + 1 and then press Ctrl + 2 to enter the annotation mode.

Further you can make annotations listed below

  • Ctrl + Shift+ Clicking the left mouse button and dragging will draw an arrow on the screen.
  • Writing is also very simple as you just need to Click the left mouse button and keep dragging it.
  • To draw a straight line Press Shift and then drag the mouse while pressing the Mouse click.
  • Rectangles or Boxes can be drawn to highlight a particular section by pressing Ctrl + Left Mouse Button and then dragging the mouse.
  • Colors used for entering text or drawing arrows or lines or boxes can be changed by pressing R – Red, B – Blue, G- Green, Y – Yellow and P – Pink respectively.
  • For instant access to a whiteboard or blackboard on the screen to show something to the spectators and explain them, W for whiteboard and K for blackboard can be pressed respectively which phases out the problem of opening Notepad.

Download ZoomIt

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