Zoom Web Pages In Google Chrome

There are times when you visit a website in your internet browser, but it may not be readable or the some times the website text font size is too small that it becomes so hard to read a webpage.

In such cases you will need to zoom into web pages to make the text big and you can read it, the best way to solve this problem is to press Ctrl + mouse scroll to zoom in or out into webpages. This technique works across all the web browsers, but just in case if you are using google chrome then there is a smart way to zoom into pages with google chrome.

Smart Zoom is a cool google chrome extension which lets you zoom to a section of a webpage by pressing shift key then click a column of text to zoom in on it, and/or press +/-/0 to adjust the font size.


This extension works best for text-heavy sites: news, blogs, and so forth.  It won’t zoom all content correctly, and it’s disabled for some sites like Gmail and Hotmail where it doesn’t work.  And it’s experimental: it could cause you problems.

Here is how it will show up the zoomed section of web pages in google chrome


Download Smart Zoom Extension for Google Chrome

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