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One after one, programmers are really getting freak in developing the instant services for different websites. By  now we have published many of such articles which include instant search available for Flickr, Twitter, Google, Facebook and may be one or few more. This article will again tell you about the instant search service started for YouTube now. After the adoption of this technology (innovated by Google) by Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo. I expected that sooner or later we will be see it as a part of YouTube.


As you see in the snapshot shown above that you will just have to type the name of the video in the search field mentioned above and then you can easily see the video playing in the middle of the screen, not only this you can also share this video with any of your friend and even if you like this video and you want to embed this video in your blog then this option is also available under the video.

I will personally suggest that please do not expect this site to as fast as that of the instant search sites. The reason is obviously due to the heavier results as compared to the other sites. As soon as you press the first key from your keyboard, it will show you the best match related to that first character and the video will start getting buffered. For example if you want to type Taylor swift, then the first character entered by you will be T, as soon as you enter this character, the site will automatically show you the best result related to T and the video will start getting buffered. But after few seconds it will take the whole string of search and then it will show you the most appropriate result corresponding to the whole keyword typed in the search field.

Now this is something which was really required as this is the most used site for searching videos. No need to worry friends as I will keep you updated with all the information related to this news. Please do not hesitate to put your comments in the section below the post, We will be glad to share them it they are found genuine. I hope that from onwards this will make searching the video simpler that ever before. (But you need to have high speed internet). Use it and have Fun

YouTube Instant Search

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