[How To] Add Youtube Channel Watermark + Subscribe Link on all videos Uploaded Without Any Editing

Yes, youtube team has silently added a new features across the youtube accounts for all the partners and youtube users who run a channel of their own, with this new feature which is called youtube InVideo Programming which actually allows you to add a watermark instantly across all the videos uploaded under youtube channel and once you enable this it will be automatically added to all new videos you upload under youtube channel.

Add Youtube Channel Watermark   Subscribe Link on all videos

You can easily locate this feature in the left side bar on the channel settings page, once you are logged in to your youtube channel with its user account.

In Video Programming Youtube

Once you click this feature, you will see the see two options

Feature Your Youtube Channel

It will by default put your youtube channel profile image, it will drive viewership to a specific video and reinforce channel branding using InVideo Programming across all your videos.

Feature Your Channel Youtube

It will show the youtube channel profile image on all your videos by default but you can also add a custom image of 800×800 pixels highest and max 1 Mb of size

Promote Channel Subcribe Link

You can select this image to appear in entire video or end or beginning for a set time interval, this image will be directly linked to your subscribe page, so it should help you get more subscribers this way.

Our Conclusion

However when we tested this feature, we found that the channel image looks quite small and does not make that much impact on viewers watching, but if there is some option provided to make this youtube channel image bigger this will make more sense, right now there is no option in youtube to make this happen, it should come out in near future.

Bonus Tip

Another feature is which is also introduced in In Video Programming

Feature One Youtube Video Across All Videos

It helps you promote your video across all the youtube videos on your channel.

Feature A Video On Your Channel

Make sure that the video you select here should be a public video from your channel. You may be able to add a any public video as well, which might not be from your channel but we haven’t tried it

Featured Video

Once you select a video you can set that video thumbnail on all others videos on your channel as you can see in the image below.

Featured Video On All Videos

Please Note: For both of these new feature, you can adjust the position, display time and duration for which the featured video or featured subscribed link


We like both of these new features rolled out for youtube partners and youtube video up loaders but both of these features are quite at basic level, we hope to see more customizations options around these features specially the size of featured channel image

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