Youtube Get Interactive With 60 Minutes Video Series

For those who do not know about the famous TV show known as 60 minutes, let me tell you that this is one of the most popular TV shows which has won around 78 Emmys till 2007. This show basically covers an self investigated story based on corruption on the part of corporations, politicians and other public officials and it runs on CBS. As you can very well predict from the name that its length is of 60 minutes and I bet that once you see it you will definitely like it. Now you can see them on Youtube channel, as they have started posting their stories on that channel:


So, if you have missed your episode on Sunday then you can go for watching that edition on Monday or any other day. But for doing so, you are supposed to submit your views about the story which has been covered by them. You are required to upload a 60 second video stating your views about that topic or if you are not interested in uploading the video, then you can write that thing in text. Besides these mandatory tasks, you are also supposed to vote the views and the comments made on that story. As this time CBS will be broadcasting the story about a woman who is named as Lara Logan and has spent most of her time with 101st Airborne going under relentless attack and this story has been brought from Afghanistan/Pakistan border. So, Lara Logan wants to know that what do you think about her story.

So, next time you skip your Sunday show of 60 minutes, you just have to go to the Youtube channel for 60 minutes and from there you can download this show and then you watch it anytime you want but then you will have to go for complete the formalities to see it. I hope that this news will be helpful for all the readers who are in touch with this show or even if you are not in touch with 60 minutes then I will suggest that you should give it a try and then you might like it.Please let us know if you find anything new as per this news, you can drop your info in the comments section. We will be happy to share it with our other readers. Read it, use it and enjoy!!!!

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