YouTube Account New Toolbar Added For Easy Navigation

As always Google has always believed in making changes in their web-services to provide the efficient service to the users. And this time it is YouTube which has broken the monotone. YouTube has introduced a change in their looks by introducing a hidden toolbar on the page, if you have got number of shortcuts available on the page then it simply means that it will be very easy for the users to access the options on your website and they will feel comfortable while surfing your website and that is what Google thought in respect of YouTube.


YouTube already has a huge collection of the videos and in order to search those videos comfortably, some amendments were required. Now, they have introduced a toolbar which can be seen once you click the button besides your account name. You will see a drop down menu which will help you to select all the liked videos and the video available in the playlist. Now besides all the previous option you will see the list of the videos which you have ever liked and viewed most of the times or it will have all the playlist which can liked by you. So, this means that next when you want to see that video again then you will not have to struggle for finding it, rather you will find on the very first page on the top.

Once you will click the playlist to watch any of the videos then you will see another toolbar which will be attached at the bottom of the screen and then you can surf more videos in that playlist with the help of that toolbar. That toolbar will be attached to the screen and as you scroll down it will go down with your current screen display and in the toolbar you will more video which are part of that playlist.

So they have made it really simpler for the users to surf the videos over YouTube with this new improvement. I hope that after reading this you will check out your YouTube and then use this new feature available on the page. Please let us know about your experience with this new toolbar on YouTube.


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