Yahoo Search Merged With Microsoft Bing

Now it is really a cracking news as no one would have expected that yahoo will change its backend technology and it will introduce Bing. Undoubtedly, the Bing has always been trying to complete with the best search engine in this world and that is Google. Now there are many aspects and views which can be laid by hearing this news.


Shashi Seth, Senior Vice president of Yahoo stated officially on the yahoo blog that the transition has already started and it will continue for some time and they will be posting an update when the transition is completed but he promised simultaneously that we will be able to enjoy the same enhanced yahoo experience. He also mentioned that some of the tools like Search Monkey Developer tools, Gallery and other services will be disabled but some other tools will be replacing it which will be of more help and this change will take place from 1st October.

The very first thing which comes to my mind is a very obvious question that are they really trying to put Google down? but if they have done this deal only to put Google down then i do not think that it will work because Google is something that stands out of league and according to my perception no one can replace it, if he or she has been working with it for the past 3 or 4 years and i can say this confidently because of the features, looks and fast response offered by Google.

We can say that Microsoft has taken a step forward in order to popularize Bing as now all the users you preferred to go for Yahoo search engine, will be landing up on Bing search engine and it will considerably add up to their popularity. From the data shown below you can estimate the that will it take to compete Google and i have nothing more to say for Google its already there below.

8-19-2010 10-33-34 PM

Now we may expect that Bing will be with few more features and better looks but still Google gives a feel like mother and then the trust which all the users have in this present scenario. Almost everybody believes that Google will definitely reply to all their queries. Now just keep your eyes on the line “powered by Bing” and then lets see about all sorts of improvements which will be introduced in the new new search by Yahoo.

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