Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Gets More Social Now

I seriously do not remember that what was the last time when Yahoo made any version upgrade or made any other improvement in its services. It seems that in this competitive scenario, where everyone is fighting like hell, Yahoo is merely an audience but Yahoo launched its upgraded version of the Yahoo messenger and It’s really too cool to use, even if you do not want to chat but you only want to play games. In this post I will be telling you about the new feature introduced in this tool and some of the recommendations while installing this tool on your system.


Now this version has been named as Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta. Now the best part about this tool which I really liked was about this tool was the introduction of the Zynga games, I am sure that you must have the name ‘Zynga’ they are the developer of many famous games on Facebook like Mafia Wars, Farmville and many more. Now you can chat and play these games simultaneously on your messenger. Now this is something which was really unexpected. Rests of the feature are like:-

  • Now you can make low local call rates from the messenger and all the calls via PC to PC are free.
  • More emoticon and avatars to make your chat more versatile.
  • Send Text messaged for free and you can also go for chatting in conference.
  • Now you can chat in full screen video and this application can also be used in Apple devices and Android mobile phones.
  • Now you can easily invite or add friends from other e-mail or chat services.

Now if you are going to install this tool then it will be better to select the custom installation rather than going for typical installation because typical installation will cause yahoo browser plus and Yahoo toolbar to download side by side. Now you may not them as they will trouble you and increase the size of the toolbar of your browser if you are not using yahoo mail. It will also set your homepage as Yahoo and then if any one tries to change then it will also alert you.

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