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Google has introduced an innovative feature named instant search i.e it provides you results as you type and you ultimately find the exact text before you actually type that desired text which you are searching. This feature has become so much popular among masses that after some time YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other popular sites started adding this feature.

Recently Yahoo too joined the race y rolling out its own version of instant search named “Rich Search Assist”. Well only the name might be different, but basically this feature is exactly the footsteps of feature which Google had started. So just like Google Instant, this new Yahoo feature will provide you real time results predicted as you start typing.

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You can see above the snapshot of this handy feature of Yahoo. As I started typing “messe”, it sowed me all the results matching my desired search before I type the complete word. The results shown are pretty much fast. Basically as you type, Yahoo suggests search topics using its pre-existing Yahoo Search Assist service. But now, next to the suggestions, Yahoo flashes up a closer look at the first result you’d get for each topic. As you move down through the other suggestions, the preview changes to match those.

This feature is by default turned on for every Yahoo user, but still if at any point you don’t want to use this feature then all you need to do is to simply click on Off from Search Assist option given at top right corner of search results window. Then instant search feature will then immediately get disabled from your system.

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The basic idea of term “Rich Search Assist” means that it will not only show you real time text matching your search result, but even will show you real time search results in fraction of time when you switch from one predicted result from other by pressing arrow key. So it will save your few seconds for even pressing the enter key. They feature is rolled out for selected yahoo users only and will be accessible for all soon.

You can even watch the video below to see the live example of his amazing feature.

Please don’t hesitate to post your comments at the end of the article and your precious comments and feedbacks will surely get public if they are found genuine. I just hope that from onwards you will be able to search easier on Yahoo. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article. So friends, Use this handy feature and have Fun.

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