Write, Delete Entries In Windows 7 Or Later

While using your system you might have notice that each time you install any application, windows writes some entries into the registry and keys are created there. Windows Registry is a section in your operating system which has a complete control of your PC and you may change and adjust some of the system settings there to use your Windows or any other application installed in it in the best possible way. While making changes from the default Registry Editor which comes along with the windows, you might have received an error message stating “Cannot create key” while creating a new registry key.


This error message clearly means that you do not have the necessary permissions to generate a new key. For this you may try one of the latest developed utility i.e. RegOwnit utility. RegOwnit is a small, portable, easy to use utility, which allows you to take full control of a registry key.


You may try and use the utility by simply downloading and installing it from the below given link. After installation, as you launch the utility you may see a new window shown in the snapshot here. From that window, just select the registry location that you want to edit, user account, and type of permission that you want to be applied to a particular registry key. If you know the complete path of that particular registry key, then you may simply enter that registry key path directly into the Registry Address box given below in that window in order to apply the control quickly.


As already mentioned, you just have to simply mention the location of that particular registry key along with the name of that key and you will be given complete control of it. Then after choosing the user account mention whether you want to apply Full or Read Only Permissions to that Registry Key. It will show a successful message as shown in the snapshot. We would like to mention one more thing that before using this utility or before changing any of the permissions related to any registry key, simply create a registry backup. This utility supports both the versions i.e. x86 and x64 of Windows 7.

So, you may simply download this utility from the below given link and after installing it you may create key in the windows registry and it will be created lot easier as compared to your earlier efforts for creating the same.

Download RegOwnit

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