[Working] Software To Copy or Save Entire Picasa Web Albums On Your PC, Mac and Linux

Downloading Picasa Web Albums is something many users want to do, as they want to spend their limited internet bandwidth viewing these photos online rather they would like to browse or see these photos offline on their computer. We have previously written about some softwares like Picasa Independent Album Exporter, Picasa Downloader

Today we will tell you about another free program called Picasa Album Downloader which is quite simple application which lets you download picasa web albums, with this application you can download your friends picasa web albums and photo faster and easily. This program works on windows, Mac OS and Linux

Here is how you can download album of any user which is public

1. First type in the google account username in text box which says User and click Lock


2. Now click the select text on the right side of the second text box which says Album Name to select the album of the user you want to download or else type the album name.


Once you have selected the album to download you just need to click the download button at the bottom center of the application to start downloading.


Download Picasa Album Downloader [ For Windows | Mac OS | Linux ]

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