Working Procedure To Use Apple Magic Trackpad On Windows 7 Or Later

You will not find anything such as Apple Magic Trackpad for Windows 7 and Apple have made one thing clear on their website that this Magic Trackpad will only work for Apple product with leopard iOS, now this news might make Windows users feel bad, but today I have a solution for you with the help of which you might be able to use Magic Track on your Windows system, but before proceeding further let me tell you that this will work only with Windows 7. In this post we will give you all the steps with the help which you can attach Magic track-pad to your Windows system.

Let me tell you that after connecting the track-pad to the Windows system you will only be able to use the single and double finger gestures on it, other features like pinch, zoom, 3 and 4 finger gestures will not be available. So, if you want to install it on your system, then please go on with all the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of install the setup mentioned at the end of the post, download links for both the type of system are mentioned, download as per the specification of your system, but do not install it.
  2. Now download and install the setup for 7-zip, Once installed, use it to extract all the files available in the setup for the Magic Trackpad setup(which was downloaded from the first step).
  3. After the extraction you will lots of files inside the folder, among them you need to search for Update BootCamp32.msp, again use the 7-zip to extract all the files from that particular file.
  4. Now you will again have a folder, search for a sub-folder named BootCamp3135 among all the sub-folders available in the main folder. Create an .exe link to it and then execute it, you will see that the driver to of Magic Trackpad has been correctly installed and now you connect you Apple Magic Trackpad to use it normally with Windows.
Apple Magic trackpad with Windows 7

That was all regarding how to use this wonderful gadget. I hope that that you will like this tutorial and you will not face any problem while using performing all the steps mentioned above. If you do face any problem, then please let us know by putting them in the comments section. Though it will work for only two gestures but it is really worth. The size of these setups are around 280 MB and 170 MB respectively, so this means that it will considerable amount of time to get downloaded, once you download the setup, you will simply have to follow the steps mentioned above.

Download for 32-bit Windows 7

Download for 64-bit Windows 7

Source : Credit Goes To Amit Aggarwal From To Make This Possible For Some Apple Fan Boys Like Me :)


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