[ Working ] Procedure To Unlock iPhone 3G Running 3.1 OS with Ultrasn0w

We had recently written about how to downgrade iphone to 3.0 from 3.1 or how to jailbreak iphone 3g with 3.1 OS, iPhone 2G 3.1 & iPod Touch 1G, here is the link to download Pwnage 3.1 released right now [ for mac only ]

Today we will tell you how can you unlock your iPhone 3G with 3.1 Firmware after successful jailbreak with PwnageTool 3.1,I have tested this procedure and it is working on my iphone 3g successfully

Note: Make sure that you install Cydia when you jailbreak iPhone 3G 3.1 with PwnageTool 3.1 for Mac

1. Launch Cydia or Icy

3. Click the Manage Tab at the bottom of screen and now navigate to Sources

4. Press edit button on the right and Add following Repository URL


5. Once this repository has been added source has been added press the large black button at the bottom Return to Cydia.

6. Now press the search tab at the bottom and search ultrasn0w and click Ultrasn0w from list provided by repo666.ultrasn0w.com/

7.  Click on Install Button and confirm the installation and wait for installation to complete

8. Now press the Home button then restart your iPhone.

How to Restart Your iPhone

You do this by holding down the power button for 3 seconds then moving the power slider that appears to the right, Press the power button again to turn on the phone.

9. Now insert SIM card of your choice and enjoy any service provider of your choice.


  1. cai griffith says

    i have an iphone 3gs that i bought and then accidently updated through itunes to 3.1.. now i cant unlock it is there any way in which i can? or undo my upgrade to 3.1? pls get back to me this is driving me nuts!

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