[ Working ] Nexus One MTNL Trump 3G / EDGE / GPRS / MMS Manual Settings For Delhi and Mumbai

May 9, 201054 Comments

Nexus one is pretty amazing phone, I have been using prepaid MTNL Trump 3G sim card on my nexus one now, initially there were some problems in activating the connection, connectivity and 3G setting. But now everything is working fine, I have been using MTNL 3G on my nexus with a maximum speed of 384 KB per second which is still much better than Egde or Gprs on my iPhone with Airtel connection.

After lot of googling I was able to use MTNL 3G on my nexus one, after some hit and trials and in the end I figured out the correct MTNL 3G settings my self as on web there is no website where the correct MTNL Trump 3G settings are posted.

In order to configure MTNL Trump 3G / GPRS / EDGE / MMS Settings on Nexus One or any other android phone – go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Network Settings >> Access Point.

Now click the soft Settings button again and then select Add New APN – Give a name to these new APN Settings first and Enter the Following settings

MTNL 3G APN Settings For Delhi

APN ppshsdpa


PORT 9201 (for delhi )


PASSWORD mtnl123


MTNL 3G APN Settings For Mumbai

APN gprsmtnlmum


PORT 9401 (for mumbai )


PASSWORD mtnl123

Authentication Type – PAP

Now go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Network Settings and then click Network Operators and select Dolphin if you are in delhi.

Note: If any of the above settings does not work Go to Dialer and dial *#*#4636#*#* and make sure that the phone connection “WCDMA Only” and NOT GSM ONLY, then you should get the signal. Still if you face problem in configuring mtnl 3G please let us know through comments.

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  1. shanavas says:

    i got a smansung spica android 2.1 and i am toiling for the last few days to setup mtnl prepaid gprs. i tried ur settings, but they still dont work (i used gprsppsmum for prepaid: may be u shud mention that in the blog. can u post all other settings, like mcc, mnc etc? btw, in my earlier windows mobile (htc diamond) i never used proxy. is it really required?

  2. Vedhas says:

    Hi Abhishek, I am a regular follower of your blog. Can you let me know where I can purchase a Nexus One in Mumbai?

  3. viranchi says:

    using sony ericsson xperia x10i,mtnl 3g not working.tried all the settings.please help

  4. Rajesh says:

    Hi, Can u send me details of MTNL 2G Dolphin Postpaid GPRS setting for Sony Ericsson Yari (U100i) , MTNL send me prepaid and 3G setting which is not working, thanks !

  5. Rajesh says:

    Its MTNL Delhi , sorry I forgot to mention !

  6. Anil Attri says:

    I am not able to access 3g service with above settings in Nexus one for Delhi. Please help me out.

  7. Rahul Gupta says:

    Hi, Thanks for this amazingly useful post. I have just bought a Nexus 1, and I am on the MTNL Dolphin Network. However, I am not able to connect to the internet. Below are my current APN settings: Could you please check if they are in order. Thanks a ton!! :) Name: mtnl APN: ppshsdpa Proxy: Port: 9201 Username: mtnl Password: mtnl123 Server: MMSC: MMS PROXY: MMS port: MCC: 404 MNC: 68 Authentication Type: APN Type: Thanks Again! Rahul

  8. abhishek says:

    @Rahul – I would suggest you to go for a data coupon recharge from the nearest sanchar hut – or recharge your phone with some cash balance – and then make sure that u are in a region where it catches 3g signal, settings you just posted are right, but do try these things I had just suggested

  9. Rahul Gupta says:

    Hi Abhishek, Thanks for the follow up. My mobile internet works now! However, It works only under the profile gprsppsdel. Even with the above profile, it shows the ’3G’ symbol in the notification bar. Does it mean I am connected to the internet? Also, What speeds are you getting? I did a speedtest yesterday and got speeds of 150-200 kbps. I stay in East Delhi. Another question – how expensive is the tariff plan? I have looked through the website and couldn’t find the tariff plan and their customer support doesn’t know anything. Thanks Again!! Rahul

  10. abhishek says:

    The speed of 3g varies in every part of delhi – i think it is the best in central delhi – i live in north delhi – speed are almost the same u r getting. I will be posting about the tariff plan soon – its not much costly.

  11. Sid says:

    Do u know MTNL 3G Delhi prepaid settings for iphone 3g?

  12. amit says:

    hey do u try this setting for mumbai network because i tried them and they r not working for me thanks

  13. Imran shah says:

    hi ,i m frm mumbai,thanks for the mtnl 3g gprs settings, i just wanted know frm this setting we can download unlimited for free, it wouln`t deduct our balance. how much balance do required to access web. rply

  14. amit says:

    hey hi imran this setting work for u?

  15. Martin says:

    Hi Abhishek, I tried your gprs setting on my HTC HD2 (trump prepaid connection) but it failed. My phone uses windows 6.5 (not Android). I tried getting the setting from mtnl but they did not have the setting for my phone. Its a shame to have a good phone but unable to use the 3g facilities. If you can help me out, I would be grateful. regards, Martin

  16. Martin says:

    Forgot to mention this; its delhi trump connection and i live in south delhi.

  17. rajiv says:

    hi can u pls semd me the 3g settings for sony ericcson X1 phone, i stay in mumbai thanks

  18. siddhesh says:

    hey thanks for these settings

  19. Imran shah says:

    hi amit, i m using APN :gprsppsmum username: mtnl password: mtnl123 frm this setting when surf and i download sumthing it deduct balance after sum hours as per 1p/10kb.And i hav to maintain 25rs balance, otherwise it wont start, i wanted to know frm ur setting can i download and surf net for free. it would deduct my balance or not. is ur setting need any balance to start gprs.rply

  20. amit says:

    hey thanks for reply but there is no setting which can be used for free surfing but u can buy 3g data coupen which cost 98 for 30 days and 1gb data and 2nd for 14 for 3 day 250 mb data

  21. shweta says:

    hi i m using tump card of mtnl. i want to conect my pc for using 3g servise.my hand set no. is SGH-A827(SAMSUNG). i want to know how to start it. i also want dial up number

  22. amit says:

    try this setting APN :gprsppsmum username: mtnl password: mtnl123

  23. Ramesh says:

    I am unable to configure my iphone 3g using MTNL’s pre-paid 3g GSM with the settings you have suggested. Pls suggest me how to access 3g service. I am able to access EDGE service but not 3G Appreciate your help in this regard at your earliest convenience. My cell No is 9013456937 Regards (Ramesh)

  24. abhishek says:

    hi, if u want manual settings then every setting is on trump jadoo forum. you can get on mtnl site. How can no network inn 3g mode can be solved region ghaziabad, The unlimited data plan is for 2500 for 30days… Other option is u can get 200 rs in 200 recharge by which u can surf at rate 1pp / 10kb… thanks

  25. S.natarajan says:

    I have tried configuring sony Eriction xperioX10i with MTNL Mumbai postpaid sim as dircted above i am partly successful. I am getting the g mail activated.But not in a position to browse internet connection. Can any one help

  26. aryan says:

    i have samsung galaxy handset ,i tried ur settings but it didn,t work it not shows any 3g network instead it connect to hsdpa please help me out

  27. Abhaye says:

    Hi, I’ve been using 3G on my Nexus with MTNL, and implemented the APN settings (Delhi) mentioned by you. It was working well until yesterday, I deleted the APN settings and added the same settings in the new APN profile but no luck. I also followed steps mentioned around *#*#4636#*#* number but still it failed. Help plz!

  28. sombir says:

    sir my internet name is people mtnl3g jadoo delhi ,sir jab se lea he 10 kb ke speed se jayda speed nahie gyee he kirpa kar ka speed ka kuch kare

  29. rahul says:

    lovely post ,in just few minutes of reading was able to manually setup 3g settings , thx to your post & google !!

  30. Gaurav says:

    Thanks a ton . I waited and called endlessly the “customer care” for 3 days. After the setting you provided,my HTC legend works like a charm! Thanks once again.

  31. everyone says:

    plz tell how can i activate 3g gprs plan on my N-72 help me

  32. abhishek says:

    You can either get it from grey market in delhi or mumbai

  33. Ravi says:

    Hi, I have Nokia 5700, and MTNL 3G connection. Net is working fine on my Mobile but when I try connecting it on my PC it gives-> “Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated.” I have called Customer Care hell lot of many times and they give me some or other settings but the Net is not working on my PC. (Though before converting my sim to 3G it used to work fine) I would be glad if you could please give me the solution. Thanks, Ravi

  34. Navdeep Dahiya says:

    Signal Problem on my Samsung Galaxy S Plz HELP

  35. Jayad says:

    The following settings worked for me.. Still figuring out whether the connectivity is with GPRS or 3G Name:MTNL home http://www.google.co.in proxy address: port:9401 auth type :normal user: mtnl pass:mtnl123 data:GPRS access point name: gprsmtnldel

  36. manas shukla says:

    i want to use mtnl 3g prepaid on m samsung galaxy s. ihav tried the above settings but it still doesnt work. please help me

  37. SUNNY says:

    HI, I HV HTC DESIRE- ANDROID PHONE, HV CHARGED 3G DATA COUPEN , TAKEN MANUEL SETTINGS FROM MTNL MUMBAI, CALLED THEM 222222222222MANY TIMES BUT SETTINGS DOSENT WORK – THEIR FLAGSHIP STORE AT BANDRA KURLA NO ONE PICKS UP THE PHONE JUST TO GO THERE N GET THE SERVICE SET ON MY PHONEN MTNL CUSTOMER SERVICE WONT GIVE ME THE ADDRESS.- PSE SOME CAN HELP ME TO SET MY 3G SERVICES SET ON MY HANDSET. SETTIING MANUALLY I GOT R AS FOLLOWS NAME – MTNL GPRS [IN CAPITAL] ACCESS POINT NAME [APN] – gprsppsmum [this for prepaid] & – gprsmtnlmum [for postpaid] this info per mtnl customer care proxy – port – 9401 username-mtnl password-mtnl123 server - MMSC – 404 MMS PROXY- MMS PORT – 9401 MMS PROTOCOL- WAP 2.O MCC – 404 MNC – 69 AUTHENTICATION TYPE – NONE APN TYPE – http://wap.m.mtnl.net.in but these settings dosent work , either i dont get anything or my mobile network says -connection failed. i am exhausted n fedup talking to mtnl shit people , they only talk to u like a parrot whats hv been told to them n dont know shit abt the services. tks/sunny

  38. kamaldeo says:

    plz send me the apropriat settings for olive pad for mumbai mtnl right nowi am in seoni mp either send me menully throu my mobil no +919757337592 make it fast thanx

  39. CK says:

    Bought RS.100/- SIM, charged with Rs.49/-(call balance Rs.12/-), charged with Rs450/- plan (call balance Rs.6/-. More than 1 GB data availability shown. Oral calls are made and received, SMS made and received. I am in Delhi (tried at Dwarka and Chankyapuri). Tried on OlivePad with undernoted configuration:- Name: mtnl APN: ppshsdpa (also pps3g alternatively) Proxy: Port: 9201 Username: mtnl Password: mtnl123 Server: MMSC: MMS PROXY: MMS port: MCC: 404 MNC: 68 Authentication Type: APN Type: Nothing is working. MTNL jokers need help instead of providing help. What to do !

  40. gurpreet says:

    is there any direct crack or APN settings 2 access d net free? m new 2 dis discussion… really hoping 2 get sm +ve response .. thanx in advance…

  41. Irfan says:

    Hi, I am using Samsung Galaxy3(SAMSUNG I5801)and MTNL 3G SIM card. Kindly tell me the settings to activate my 3G services.

  42. smd says:

    Tried on OlivePad and it is working for mumbai. But i am getting same speed as EDGE :( still no 3G.

  43. raja says:

    Hi, I am using MTNL Delhi prepaid mobile with 3G activated on my NOKIA E90. Now i want to connect my mobile with laptop (with Windows 7) for using internet, can anyone help me please. I will be grateful. thanks Raja

  44. Amrutha says:


  45. Shilpa says:

    Hi Can you help me with Mtnl 3G settings for iPad Thanks

  46. shyam nair says:

    hey i’m using a samsung s8530 wave 2 could any one provide the manual settings for it pls

  47. Nithin says:

    @irfan : hii irfan, have u got mtnl mumbai 3g settings for samsung galaxy 3 i5801…i’m using mtnl trump in which 3g is enabled…if u have settings can u please publish it…? do u have any range or network problem with this mobile ? my mobile usually goes to offline mode….then it will be back…

  48. H. C. Dewani says:

    Google nexus one still not activated after the following setting:- MTNL 3G APN Settings For Delhi APN ppshsdpa PROXY PORT 9201 (for delhi ) USERNAME mtnl PASSWORD mtnl123 and phone connection is “WCDMA” only. Please advise. Regards, H.C. Dewani

  49. H. C. Dewani says:

    Google nexus one still not activated after the following setting:- MTNL 3G APN Settings For Delhi APN ppshsdpa PROXY PORT 9201 (for delhi ) USERNAME mtnl PASSWORD mtnl123 and phone connection is “WCDMA” only. Please advise. Regards, H.C. Dewani

  50. purushottam says:

    I m from mumbai, I’ve ifone with trump card. Will u please send settings

  51. commodityfever says:

    Hi set GPRS settings for your phone (In case prepaid) Name of Service: mtnl_wap APN: gprsppsdel IP Address: Port Number: 9201 Homepage: Username: mtnl Password: mtnl123 The settings can be obtained from OTA server by either of the following methods :- a) SMS your hand set Make & Model No to 58354. e.g. SMS ‘NOKIA N70′ to 58354 b) Call costumer care (1503) to get the settings.

  52. Narendra says:

    Hi, I got my 3g activated on mtnl trump on my Samsung Galaxy s. However, when i switch on 3g, it shows ‘H’ for 2 minutes and it becomes ‘E’ later on. Is it problem of setting in my mobile or is it because of MTNL networm.

  53. hassan says:

    Hi, I’ve Galaxy S2, now trying to use mtnl dolphin pre-paid card. but the setting you provided for 3g, didn’t worked somehow. can you please help

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