[ Working ] Disable / Stop / Delete Mobsync.exe In Vista – Free Tool To Disable Mobsync.exe [ Tweak Vista ]

Mobsync.exe is one such process which keeps on running in background irrespective of whatever you do, this process will keep eating up your system resources like CPU and memory.

What is Mobsync.exe ?

This process corresponds to the functionality provided by microsoft as Microsoft Sync Center in vista, mobsync.exe is the main executable which need to run for Microsoft Sync Center

Issues With Mobsync.exe ? 

For some users it uses a great amount if CPU usage that it decreases the overall system speed to great extent and moreover it might create problems for some in their wifi connectivity.

Here is how can disable or stop mobsync.exe from running in windows

How ever the removal or stopping of this process on your vista computer is quite difficult, but you can try the following methods if they work for you and if still none of the methods work then you can simply disable mobsync.exe with free tool to disable mobsync.exe 

Method 1: According to this method you will need to disable offline files to stop mobsync.exe from running.

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel

2. Disable offline Files under sync center so there will be nothing for the sync center to sync this way

Note: Method 1 does not work for most of the users

Method 2: This method involves a registry hack behind disabling mobsync.exe

1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and click OK

2. Navigate to the following path

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WINEVT\Publishers\{b44aec44-38f4-4b59-8 df3-10306abf19b2}

3. Change the value of enabled from 1 to 0 by double clicking it.

4. That’s it – restart you computer

Note: Method 2 worked almost for all the users :)


Final Fix: Still if none of the above method worked in your case, you can try free tool to stop or disable mobsync.exe, you can download this tool from here


  1. Stumped2 says

    In Vista the answer to your question is Yes. You can stop it from starting automatically.
    Select ‘start’ and type ‘services’. From the results select option ‘services’. Scroll down the page until you locate ‘portable device enumerator service’. Double click this service. On the ‘general’ tab change the startup type to ‘manual’. Select ‘stop’ directly underneath. Select ‘apply’.
    Mobsync will now run on demand…when you actually need to sync devices.
    It effects no other service on your computer.

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