Word 2010 Proofread and Grammar Check Add On

When you make an official document going to be read by your boss or any upper authorities, you would want that document to be perfect so you proof read it many times but still you could miss out something which might become a problem for you later on.

Grammarly is a MS Office Add on which works with word 2010. 2007 and 2003 – Once installed it will automatically proof read any document and powerpoint presentation, it will be added to the ribbon interface menu in office 2010 and 2007 and as a new menu in 2003


This addon will not only protect you from mistakes, but also will master new points of grammar and improve your English writing skills. Grammarly will help you proofread business documents, papers and essays, avoid plagiarism, correct grammar and enhance written documents of any level.

Key Features Of This Proofread and Grammar Check Addon

150+ Grammar Checks – Check your text for use of grammar rules you never knew existed. Get accurate error explanations.
Plagiarism Detection - Find borrowed text before it gets you into trouble. Automatically generate references.
Vocabulary Enhancement - Use words that make an impact. Liven up your sentences and improve readability with context-optimized synonyms.
Contextual Spell Check - Spot correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. No more embarrassing typos like then-than, to-two-too, lose-loose.

Download Grammarly Add In For Word and PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and 2003

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