Word 2010 – Disable, Remove Yellow Bar With Enable Editing Button aka Protected View

You might have noticed when ever you open any word document in word 2010, it displays a yellow bar at the top with a button which says Enable Editing – Once you click this button enable editing then only you can start editing the document you have opened. For example as shown in the snapshot below


This feature due to which this yellow bar appears is called protected view which is enabled by default, this will help you protect you from any malicious, any other dangerous document which might contain virus that may infect your computer.

But it is very annoying sometimes, as it keep displaying the protected view bar on the same document again and again each time you open it in word 2010, In order to disable this bar click blue colored File menu >> Info and click Protected View Settings and uncheck these check boxes as shown in the image below.


Under protected view settings – uncheck these check boxes shown below in the image and close word


The next time you open this document it will be automatically open for direct editing with out any issues, the yellow bar of protected view will disappear for all the documents you open after makig these changes. We hope you like this simple tip for word 2010, we have also posted some tips on office 2010, you can read them if you want to know about more useful tips.

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