One PC With Multiple Desktop Screens

The best thing which I think Linux OS has is its virtual space to work on and one who is addicted to Linux will definitely want to work on virtual screens on Windows also or he will always feel uneasy while working on Windows. So we have come up with an application which will help all the Linux users to get that on Windows too or rather I should say that It quite better than those of Workspace of Linux. In this post we will let you know that how you can use this freeware known as Multi-tabber.


Now this freeware will help you to create virtual desktop over Windows, you can also see that in the screenshot mentioned above, you can see that the number of dots on the screen tells about the number of virtual screens available for you on your computer, you can increase them up to 10 and you also change the color and the placement for those dots on your screen so that they should be placed as per your desires. You can see that there are fixed pre-decided placements on the screens for these dots and they are mentioned in the application window. So, you just need to make click on any of the dots and then you will be navigated to another virtual screen.



Now if you want any of the application or any of the webpage to be seen on all the workspaces, as they might be common for every type of task you do at your computer, so you can mark them as mentioned in the screenshot below and then it will appear in all the virtual workspaces. The tool is very simple to use, once you install it and then launch it, it will show up itself in the taskbar tray and then you can see all the options mentioned above in the context menu.


Install it and then execute it initially it will show only 3 dots and once you switch any other screen it will show you the number of the screen as mentioned in the screenshot on the top of the post, but it will remain for a short duration and then it will go off. The size of this tool is around 1.3 MB and it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any problem while working with the then please let us know.

Download Multi-Tabber

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