Windows User Management Replacement

When it comes to user management in windows, either it is for a domain administrator or local system administrator, they might feel helpless with the default user management interface, as it does not provide options for all user accounts to list their status, enable or disable them in easy way.

Chilly User Management is a free to use utility which allows managing user accounts within the Domain. Apart from managing and providing information about local user accounts, the software also allows the administrator to reset the local user password and enable or disable account status. This freeware supports administrator in taking complete control of the local user accounts of their domain users.


As shown in the application snapshot above, you can easily change the username or password for any user on any PC on your network with this utility. It is a enterprise level software for Active Directory that eliminates the need to manage user accounts locally.

Key Features

  • A freeware utility to manage local user accounts within Domain
  • Facilitates password resetting
  • Allows enabling and disabling account status
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Saves quality time of administrator

Note: As an administrator, you can use the software remotely to enable, disable the accounts and reset their passwords.

Download Chilly User Management

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