Windows User Accounts Manager

Today i will be reviewing a tool known as Account Tuner and as the names tells it all that this tool will help you to manage the accounts on your system. All the readers who have one common system at home and have separate accounts on their system then they can take advantage from this tool as it has many options which will let you to maintain the privacy in your account.

This toll will try to avoid to the invalid logons if any one tries to poke into your account by guessing the passwords, as this tool will lock your account after a certain number of tries. Not only this it will also maintain the validity period of your password, so that you can change it after a regular interval of time.


As you can see in the snapshot that the tool has divided its number of operation into 2 groups where one is named as User parameters and server parameters. under the section of user parameters you can change the password select the account for which you want to apply the settings. Then being an administrator you can lock or disable any account. Though you can do some of them from the control panel but all the options are collectively present in the tool. Under this section you can also set the age of the password for the time till which it will be valid and then when the time expires this tool will notify you and then you will have to change the password of your account.

Now server parameters will take care of the unauthorized entry in the account. You can set the number of wrong attempts after which the account will be locked and you can also set the time in seconds after which the account will again be enabled and then user can again try to open the account. You can also assign the minimum and maximum length for the password and then you can also decide the days before which that tool should notify you.

This size of this tool is around 300Kb and then it will take no time get installed as you can very well estimate this from the size of the tool. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Account Tuner.

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